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39 Marketing Management Dissertation Topics Examples

Marketing Management Dissertation Topics

Marketing management dissertation topics focus on areas linked with different management strategies for marketing purposes. In essence, this is a very broad area and there is a lot of interest in this area on behalf of students and researchers as well. A large portion of marketing thesis topics touches upon the marketing management area, depending on the academic level and degree program. Check related posts for assets management dissertation topics and events management dissertation topics.

Best Marketing Management Dissertation Topics for college students

After thorough and detailed research, we have compiled an extensive list of marketing research topics. There are many new and interesting research areas to be explored that can be uncovered through our list. Feel free to go through the list and let us know if you need our help:

  • Importance of design in improving the marketing management of an organization.
  • Why are the marketing management techniques required in the field of pharmacy practice?
  • Investigating customer retention as a potentially strong marketing management strategy.
  • Studying the ethical issues in the field of marketing management: a descriptive analysis.
  • A historical analysis of marketing management in the context of UK organizations.
  • Investigation of cohort analysis as a potentially strong marketing management tool.
  • The role played by the marketing plan in understanding the dimensions of marketing management: a descriptive approach.
  • Importance of perceived value and satisfaction in marketing management: consumers’ perspectives.
  • Using social media for teaching marketing management at university levels: a systematic analysis.
  • Investigating the challenges of brand performance in the field of marketing management.
  • Implications of buyer social responsibility on marketing management: a systematic review.
  • Impacts of what clients think about regional law firms on marketing management.
  • Uncovering the marketing management issues in B-2-B Transactions.
  • Studying the effects of internet of things (IoT) on marketing management: a descriptive approach.
  • Relationship between marketing management and management sciences: a systematic review.
  • Integrating external and internal marketing functions in a hypothetical marketing management model.
  • Implications of the budgeting process for marketing management.
  • Understanding the global role of marketing in the marketing management domain.
  • Global marketing management: why is there a need to research in this area?
  • Importance of strategic marketing management and intelligent marketing strategies in businesses.
  • Correlation between marketing management support systems and marketing problem-solving modes.
  • R&D in marketing and its implications for marketing management.
  • The role played by the overconfidence effect in marketing management predictions.
  • A cross-cultural analysis of marketing management: east versus west.
  • Impacts of stagflation on marketing management: a descriptive analysis.
  • Hotels, tourist services, and marketing management.
  • Strategic marketing management and customer satisfaction index.
  • Customer retention as a strong marketing management tool: a review of the literature.
  • Effects of digital technology on marketing management in present times.
  • Implications of decision-making on marketing management: a descriptive study.
  • Importance of marketing management support systems for movie exhibitors.
  • Family businesses and marketing management: a systematic analysis.
  • Marketing management practices: past, present, and future.
  • Comparative analysis of marketing management between developed and developing economies of the world.
  • Marketing and supply chain management: the arrival of demand chain management.

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