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Marketing Literature Review

5 Ambiguous Queries Answered About the Marketing Literature Review for Your Dissertation

The American Marketing Association defines marketing research as

“Marketing research is the function which links the consumer, customer, and public to the marketer through information – information used to identify and define marketing opportunities and problems; generate, refine, and evaluate marketing actions; monitor marketing performance; and improve understanding of marketing as a process.”

Marketing research is one of the most widely researched fields in the world.

By the definition, marketing research may seem simple and easy to conduct, but that is not quite the case when you start compiling a research report.

A marketing research report comprises many important components like the abstract, data collection, or analysis but the most important ingredient in any marketing research report is the marketing literature review.

Here are a few questions regarding the literature review that a marketing student normally enquirers:

  • What Should Be The Gist Of A Literature Review In Marketing?

The general idea of the review in your dissertation or thesis is rather simple. It is a summary or an essay of all the publications or previous research that have been conducted on your research topic. But if you are conducting a research study in marketing, then it does not mean that you will include all the studies that have ever been researched in the field of marketing because that would make the review too broad and generic, and ultimately insignificant. You need to cover studies that are relevant to your field of research which will be selected by your own judgment and decision.

  • Does a Literature Review only consist of summaries of previous research?

No, the main aspect of a literature review is not the summary of the research but rather the personal opinion or analysis that you will give regarding each research. The reviewer of your dissertation would be more interested in reading your analysis on the previous studies rather than the summary that you have compiled as that will give him a fresh perspective towards your dissertation.

  • How is the literature review useful for the rest of my research report?

Studying past researches will give you an idea of the methodologies and methods used by the previous researchers in their studies. This way you will get a fair idea of what method can work in your study and what will the presumed outcome be. In a way, the literature review links the past studies to your current one.

  • How important is it to use authentic sources for the literature review?

Very important! If the review is not supported by authentic sources then it fails to be significant that is the key ingredient for any research report.

  • How long should your marketing literature review be?

Not more than a page. Try to summarize and analyze all the research on that page.

Your marketing literature review is the basic foundation of your marketing research. Hence, if you are just starting your dissertation then this is all the information you will ever need for the composition of the literature review for your dissertation.

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