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Marketing Dissertation Topic

Finding It Difficult To Come Up With Great and Unique Marketing Dissertation Topic?

By: Dominic Corey


The Following Tips Will Unlock the Door to a Great Marketing Dissertation Topic of Your own choice!

I love every aspect of marketing and. When someone talk’s about the four P’s of marketing that are the product, price, placement and promotion, I just can’t wait to get into that discussion.

May it be international marketing, industrial marketing, internet marketing, direct marketing, branding or advertising, I can’t seem to get enough.

That is why, I assure you that, the marketing dissertation topics that I am going to advise you would be the most logical, easy and interesting marketing dissertation topics you are going to find on the internet.

Following are the Secrets of great marketing dissertation topics

Marketing is synonymous to research and creativity. You can never market a product or a service without these two factors. So I will encourage you to use your creative skills when choosing a topic. It will then boil down to research.

Let me tell you how I have classified a few common marketing dissertation topics that are always a hit with the professors and are fairly easy to do, provided you do your fair bit of research work.


In this type we compare the marketing plans and strategies of different businesses and companies. For example

  • Global marketing strategies of American car industry versus the Japanese car industry.
  • How do McDonalds market its products to its customers as compared to KFC?
  • Online marketing versus direct marketing. Which is a better strategy?

These topics will give you an idea as to how to make killer comparisons. Not necessary, you take McDonalds or KFC. It depends on what you fancy. Now, if you want to compare the Global marketing strategies of airlines then go for it. Do what you think would be the best for you.


As the name implies you do your marketing dissertation on a business or a company that is starting from scratch or taking on a new venture. For example

  • What marketing strategies should be adopted for a brand new restaurant to attract young customers?
  • How can you make marketing plan for a real estate business which is stepping into construction business.
  • How to market a product so that it can create an image for itself?

Note that it’s not necessary to use exactly the above stated ideas but try to understand and develop a picture on how to make a marketing strategy for a business that can be used with success.


Choose this dissertation if you have intimate knowledge about a business. You can only write about a business marketing plan and strategic plan,if you have a fair amount of knowledge of their working. For example

  • How does Nike keep hold of its market?


There are a number of different types of marketing dissertation topics that I can advise. Simply get in touch and I will gladly help by providing you marketing help dissertation online.

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