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Mark Twain Research Papers

Three Topic Ideas for Writing Mark Twain Research Papers

Who haven’t heard of Mark Twain? Mark Twain originally named as Sameul Langhorne Clemens was a literary genius mostly cognized due to his critical essays. Besides this, he was a well-known author of countless books, satirist, lecturer etc. He focused on the subjects that were controversial, this is why; he was invariably criticized by his cutting social contemporaries. But in order to grab the reader the reader’s attention it is essential that you have provided sound knowledge about the article that would make the reader read your research till the end.

Mark Twain has written so much so that you will find numerous options as far as the topic for mark twain research papers are concerned. If you are still getting confused then you can consult the following options.

Write on his cutting social contemporaries:

He was a society analyst, therefore, he always used to come up on the issues that were sometimes highly acclaimed while some times criticized a lot. What makes it more interesting is that you will get an opportunity to analyze the norms and tradition of that era in your Mark Twain research paper. You can also garner all the arguments that will eventually shift the reader to his favor. He was an expert in forking up social theories that can be criticized by you as well but for this you have to first dig down the subject of sociology. For this, you can check out some contemporary sociology books.

Write on his satirical style of writing:

Every writer has his own style which eventually becomes a reason for his unprecedented popularity. Mark Twain was famous for his satirical style which was showed up in his writing as well. This topic can be a bit difficult because you will have to dig every book and essay written by him. This may take much time. You may include like,” A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court”. Another idea is to compare the satirical style of Mark Twain with that of the contemporary sardonic authors.

Write on his long journeys:

He had only two hobbies, first one is to write and the second one is to travel. He combined both the hobbies by writing his travelogues. He visited many places in his life and wrote books on them. There he also witnessed societal issues consociated to ethnicity, race and imperialism. He also surrendered to the fact that his point of views about these three terms changed with the passage of time. This is why; people should explore the world to explore himself. This topic is the most recommended one out of the preceding ones. For this, you don’t need to study his life but take one of his travelogues and write this research papers on it.

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