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Marijuana Research Papers

Key Notes for Writing Marijuana Research Papers

Marijuana has invariably been the topic of discussion because of its pros and cons. Some finds a contributor in saving people’s life while some are offended with the misuse of it. This is the reason, why; teachers are always interested to know what the youth thinks of this drug. This research paper also helps to explore many new other findings about marijuana to help the reader to understand side effects of this drug. In order to write marijuana research paper, one has to be very informative about the drug and moreover one has to study how to write a research paper in a proper format.

There are two places where students usually get stuck, first; in the topic selection and second is what should the write in the paper to make it more interesting and worth reading. Therefore, we are providing some topic suggestions along with some key points to be incorporated in this research papers.

Let’s say you are writing on the topic, “Why is Marijuana illegal?”

Most of the countries found marijuana illegal; therefore, here you have to provide sturdy arguments so as to prove why marijuana is made illegal

  1. You can provide some quotes so as to tell the audiences that yes it should be illegal, for example;
    “Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind.”
    Harry J. Anslinger
  2. A reader always wants to know if the information they are reading is authentic or not. Therefore, you must make sure that your marijuana research papers contain sturdy arguments, evidence, facts and figures to increase the credibility of your paper. Latest surveys are another way to convince a reader. For example;
    “According to the latest report that over 83 million Americans have tested Marijuana once in their life time”
  3. There are various facts that go in favor of Marijuana so if want to write in favor of the legalization of marijuana then you can say that so far no death has been reported due to Marijuana globally so how could it be a deadly addiction.
  4. There are many facts that are scientifically proved which will help you convince the readers that there is no harm in legalizing marijuana, for example; According to the research, marijuana never hurts brain receptors, therefore; the intake will not be harmful at any case. However, It slightly affects the alpha-wave activity of the brain which will be in no way dangerous for an addicted person.
  5. You can also include the fact that there are many medical and herbal use of marijuana which increases the positive votes for the drug. The medicinal use of marijuana dates back to 2737 BC.

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