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Management research question

6 Simple Steps to Management Research Question for Your Management Thesis

Are you trying to write a thesis or dissertation on management dilemmas that are faced at work?

So, the first thing to do is to form a research question so that your study can have a direction for the solution of the problem.

Don’t know how to form a management research question? You’re so lucky that you found us!

But before we tell you how to formulate a good management problem study question, let’s first clear up what management research is?

Management research is a study about the management or an organization. It tries to study the problems in the management or an organization and how can a solution be provided to solve the issue through a step by step hierarchy of questions.

Why do you need to study management research?

As a student preparing yourself for the real world and the dilemmas that you will face there, you need to study the mindset of a manager and the process he takes to solve a problem. The same will be incorporated in your thesis or dissertation.

Today’s managers have an increasing need to take the assistance of scientific methods to help them in decision making. They find that it is more effective to study all the options for the solution of a problem that are available to them, evaluate them accordingly and then select the best possible course of action.

6 Smart And Simple Steps To Solve Your Management Dilemma at Work

There are six steps to the management research question hierarchy for a management dilemma that can be faced at work.

Step 1: Management Dilemma:

Here you try to answer that what factors have resulted in the current problem? What environmental factors have stimulated the issue?


An increased number of complaints have been received regarding a product due to delay in its delivery.

Step 2: Management Question:

How can management fully eliminate the factors that are causing this problem? How can they avail the opportunity?


What can be done so that the delay in delivery of the product does not occur again?

Step 3: Research Question:

By taking which course of action can the management eliminate the factors that are causing the problem? What course of action is available so that opportunity can be availed?


Should the delivery service be switched to another company?

Step 4: Investigative Question:

Which alternate is most suitable for the managers in order to avail the opportunity?


Which specific delivery company can be used for the delivery of this product?

Step 5: Measurement Question:

How can the questions be measured? What needs to be asked or observed for the information needed to solve the problem and the management research question?


What is the approximate delivery time of the best delivery company in the city?

Step 6: Management Decision:

Based on the findings gained from the research, what action course should the management take?


Based on the data gathered, should the company switch to a new delivery company or not?

By following these six steps successfully, you can now solve the management dilemma effectively.

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