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Literature Review Software

3 Reasons Why Literature Review Software Is Hazardous For Your Dissertation!

According to the University College of Dublin (UCD)

“The purpose of a literature review on software is: to demonstrate your ability to identify the relevant information and outline existing knowledge; identify the “gap” in the research that your work will address; produce a rationale or justification for your study.”

So in light of the above mentioned statement, if you are using literature review software, are you really getting authentic results and justified rationales for your dissertation or thesis?

Can that really result into a significant research report?
I highly doubt that!

So, under what circumstances is it alright to use online software for literature review?

If your dog eats your review and you have no back up copy.
Or if you realize only one night before your due date that you do not have a review.

For all other reasons, you must not use such software.
Still not convinced? Below mentioned are some reasons why its hazardous for your dissertation to use a review software:

1- The Software Are Quite Expensive

If you think that these software are cheap, then you are wrong. So unless you are willing to spend big bucks only because you don’t know how to use an online search engine properly or because nobody gave you the directions to your local library, then these software are not for you.

2- They Need To Be Updated Quite Frequently Otherwise Their Results Are Old

If these software are not updated from time to time, then the results they provide are not accurate or completely relevant to your research topic. These software only research through the particular search engines that are fed into their systems. Because of the competitive online industry, new search engines for researches are produced frequently which may provide you with better and more significant results. If your software is not updated, your literature review will never give you updated results.

3- They Are Not Compatible With All Systems

If you think that you can go out, buy the software and use it in your PC then you might be in for a few surprises. These software are not exactly compatible with all the computer systems which is why you need to check details if it will work on your system before the purchase.
And last and certainly the least, the only thing your software would do is compile the research for you. You would still have to write the entire thing yourself.

The worst part is that literature reviews are more than just a lot of research studies compiled together.
They must also provide your personal opinions on the research subject and any gaps that you have analyzed in the study. These opinions need to be distinct, authentic and significant if they are to impress your reviewers.

Can your literature review software give you content that is distinct, authentic, and significant and analyzes gaps and deficiencies in the previous researches?

Then what are you spending so much money on?

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