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Literature Review Research Papers

How to Structure the Body of Literature Review Research Paper?

You have all the material in your hands and now you are stuck in writing literature review research paper. Before you write the paper you have to understand that in order to write a paper like this, you should know how to organize it. There are altogether three ways for organizing the body of a paper out of which you have to choose which one would be suitable for your assignment.The literature review is one the essential and important part of the research paper.

Go through the following three suggested ways of structuring the literature review research papers.

In chronological order:

As you know, chronological writing is a technique of presentation in a particular order. Therefore, you can also adopt this technique and write the content of the paper chronologically. This is why; you won’t have to create outline literature review writing. There are two types of chronological order are widely used by the students. They are

By publication:

Here, you will present all the information by the date of publications. For instance, if you are writing on the components related to the sperm whales then you might start by writing about the British Biological studies published in eighteenth century which was followed by Mobi Dick in 1851 the you can write about the book that was particularly written for Sperm Whale published in 1968. So this is how; you can organize information in the paper easily.

By trend:

By trend means dividing years into eras or periods. This is how you will encapsulate the some consecutive scenario into a period. Again, if we will take the example of Sperm Whale then your literature review would consist of different periods like 1600-1689, 1690-1700, 1701, 1730 etc.


Thematically arranged literature review will have a certain theme around which the whole literature review will revolve. It is unlike chronological order which tends to emphasize on a particular order of writing. For example; if we again take the above told example of sperm whales then the theme of this paper would be why are they considered so dangerous, why are they always exaggerated and why are they always misunderstood?


This is the third and the last approach of literature review writing. It emphasizes on the methods that the particular writer would like to adopt while writing the research paper. For example; if we will take the above example then your method for this literature review can be,”What is the difference between American Whale and British Whale in terms of cultural context? “

Hence, there might be other methods for writing the literature review as well but the above told three methods are the recommended ones. First decide which type of review you are writing for example; if it’s about discussing different eras then you might go for chronological order. So, do the selection as per the review’s requirement.

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