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Literature Review Qualitative Research | Critique Literature Review

Literature Review Qualitative Research

According to Jules Renard:

“Literature is an occupation in which you have to keep proving your talent to people who have none.”

If you are stuck on the literature review of qualitative research , then we have the perfect solution for you. Just follow these five simple steps and develop your critique literature review in less than 60 minutes:

  1. Start with a brief statement on the topic of your research along with a concise background. It can also be phrased as a research question but it should be compose to look interesting and relevant to your research theme.
  2. Then briefly write the main purpose of your study which will give the readers an overview of your research’s aims and objectives.
  3. After that you need to answer the question that is one of the most important questions as far as your research is concerned, ‘Is qualitative methodology appropriate for this study?’ This is the part where you need to make sure that you convince your readers of your selection of methodology.
  4. The next step is to collect all previous researches that are relevant to your research theme and analyze each of them individually. Through the research designs given below for qualitative research, you will easily be able to identify the design method that they have used.
  5. Here you will take each of the previous research, identify the methodology used, state the outcome and give a brief view if you think that the study contains any gaps. Remember that the methodology that you will select for your research will depend on how the researchers have conducted their studies. Some common types of research designs for qualitative research are as follows:
  1. Ethnography

It is a well-known form of qualitative research literature review that focuses on the culture of a group of people. Some appropriate data gathering and analysis methods include participant observation and unstructured interviews.

  1. Phenomenology

The question that this type of qualitative research asks is that ‘what is it like to have a certain experience?’ It tries to understand the phenomenon of a lived experience. Some data collection and analysis methods include in depth interviews, poetry, art and philosophy.

  1. Grounded Theory

This is generally related to generating a new theory. It is related to theory construction and verification. Some data collection and analysis methods include taped interviews, observations, focus groups etc.

  1. Participatory Action Research

PAR includes individuals researching their own personal, sociology-cultural settings and experiences. They reflect on their values, shared realities, needs and goals. This is the research process where the researcher works in partnership with the participants.

  1. Other Designs

There are also many more research designs for qualitative research literature review that can be used for your research report. Now present all the information in a form that states the current researches first.

Hence, here you have five simple steps that will help you compose your qualitative research literature review in no time.

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