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Literature Review Performance Management

Performance Management Literature Review – 22 Topic Ideas to Make Your Life Easier!

For any company, big or small, performance management is one of the most important factors to consider.

People are the most important factor in any organization and the management needs to be aware how to motivate their employees so that they give their optimal performance. In this competitive business world, only those companies are successful that has created an environment of high productivity and performance.

So, what factors can motivate an employee to work more efficiently and effectively?

How can a company create an environment that can motivate an employee to work better?

These are the questions that have lead to the high number of literature review on performance management.

So, are you trying to find a research topic on and literature review on performance management and appraisal and can’t find anything worth researching on?

Below mentioned are some ideas for research topics to help you come up with a great topic for your literature review

  1. To study the effect of overtime on an employee’s output
  2. Effects of non-monetary factors on employee retention
  3. The effect of supervisory behavior on employee satisfaction & turnover intention
  4. Effect of communication during an acquisition on employees behavioral outcomes
  5. Impact of mentoring on professional success
  6. The Impact of company policies and practices on employee commitment and turnover
  7. Effect of organizational image on employees attitude and behavior
  8. How organizational image effects employees attitude
  9. The relationship of Job characteristics on Job Satisfaction
  10. Impact of reward systems on employee motivation and performance
  11. Relationship of stress levels on employee performance
  12. Impact of company performance tools on employee performance
  13. Impact of work force diversity on performance
  14. Impact of periodic skills training on employee’s productivity and performance
  15. Effect of compensation package and company benefits on employee turnover rate
  16. Effect of educational level and background on employee turnover rate
  17. Organizational gender discrimination practices in developing countries
  18. Effect of academic background of managers on their managerial and supervisory skills
  19. The impact of flexible working hours on employee performance, work life conflict and work pressure
  20. The Impact of E-recruitment in HRM effectiveness
  21. Effect of salary packages bench marking on employee’s work motivational levels
  22. Effect of organizational team building efforts on employees morale, job retention and work environment

In a nutshell, we see that despite the fact that there are many researches that are being conducted in this field, there is always room for so much more. You can always take an idea from the above mentioned topics and create your own thesis research question. Another idea is to take up a research that has been previously conducted and then update it.

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