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Literature Review Outline Example

Compose A Research Review Better Than An Online Literature Review Outline Example!

Is your final thesis or dissertation due in a few months and you haven’t even started work on it yet?

Then you are in quite some trouble!

If you think that you can just wake up a week before the deadline and complete your thesis or dissertation report, then you are wrong. A research report needs proper investigation and composition so that it can be significant and authentic.

So, how can you start a research report?

The first step is to compose a literature review which can be done through a literature review Outline.

A literature review is more than a compilation of all the previous researches that have been conducted on the topic. It also consists of analysis by the author who tries to expose if there are any gaps in the study. In the literature review section, the basic task of the author is to analyze old researches and give a new perspective on them.

Although there are many literature review templates or outlines available on the internet, most of them do not cover the basic components that a good literature review outline must have.

Below mentioned are some steps for composition of literature review which you can compose a review that is better than any literature review outline example that can be found online.

  1. The first step is to define the topic and the main objectives of the research. This is important for the researcher as he will begin the literature review with a brief overview of the study.
  2. The next step is to search for articles that are relevant to your research topic. This can be done by visiting the local libraries and through searching through databases for relevant materials. While searching for databases for articles, make sure that the articles you select are significant and authentic.
  3. Read each of the articles thoroughly and then present your views. Each article review will consist of a brief summary of the article along with your opinion on the research. You can also include arguments if you think that the study consists of any gaps. Make sure that all your arguments are supported by strong evidences.

Always remember that the following components must be present in the literature review

  1. A summary of the articles
  2. Explanation of how different articles are related to each other or are different from each other
  3. Conclusions based on the analysis given above which should be supported by strong evidences

A good literature review outline is the foundation of a good research paper. It tells you everything there is to know about the study that you are working on based on previous researches. It will tell you the objectives, variables, methods, tests and outcomes of the previous researches which will tell you what tests and techniques should be applied in your research.

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