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Literature Review On Depression

How to Get the Best Topic for a Literature Review on Depression

Almost every individual has suffered from depression at least once in their life time. The sufferings that people have to go through and the numbers of lives that are lost to suicide have been difficult on the victim’s families and friends. This makes it one of the most popular topics for research studies.

So whether you are a student of social sciences of medicine, a thesis or dissertation on the subject of depression
is bound to be interesting and significant.

Research studies of the clinical, psychological and societal factors that cause depression is the only way to decrease, if not eliminate, the number of affected people.

But before we give you some topic suggestions and ideas that you can use as your thesis theme, let’s cover a few basics. Let’s see what depression is.

Depression is a serious mental concern. Clinically, it is known by many names – ‘the blues’, biological depression or major depression.

Depression usually refers to a feeling of sadness and despair, which is usually combined with a feeling of hopelessness and lack of energy.

Depression is usually more than just a passing phrase as it lasts for weeks and months instead of just moments and hours. People who are depressed are usually so unmotivated that it is hard for them to even get out of the bed and continue their normal daily activities.

Organizations like National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) are conducting various studies and researches for the diagnosis, causes, prevention and treatment of depression on the United States.

Topic Ideas For Literature Review On Depression

Below mentioned are some topic ideas for studies on depression. It is not suggested that you choose these topics exactly as they are mentioned below. You can mound them according to your interest and availability of resources so that the study you conduct is significant and interesting. There are 10 ideas are given for writing your literature review on depression.

  1. Risk factors for depression
  2. Depression risks and protective factors, including gender and puberty
  3. Gender differences in social and emotional functioning in depression
  4. A longitudinal study examining the role of social connectedness in the course of depressive symptoms
  5. Effects of media content on adolescents with depression.
  6. Relationships between race, gender, economic class and depression
  7. Adolescent positive and negative behavior and its relationship to depression
  8. Study of eating disorders to depression
  9. Relationships between depression and creative intelligence
  10. The effects of maternal depression on children’s externalizing disorders

In conclusion, to compose a good literature review in depression, it is important that you search for relevant articles regarding your theme so that they can guide you for the research process. After you have collected all the relevant articles, you can consolidate its findings and make a conceptual map. This will act as a road map for your study which will make the study process easier.

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