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Literature Review on Culture

Literature Review on Culture: Top 15 Topic Ideas for Your Thesis

Cultural studies have suddenly gained a lot of popularity recently. You don’t have to be a student of social science or psychology to understand how important it is to study people within their culture and habitat. By studying the culture, we get a deeper knowledge on the habitat and the environment that people live in which makes it easier for us to understand their behavior and habits. In modernized world it has become more important for us to find out how we can make more effective

literature review on culture

that makes a good impression to the reader.

So, if you are a student of psychology or social sciences who is trying to study human culture then you have come to the right place.

But before we tell you more on culture, let’s look at its definition:

“Culture is an organized system of learned behavior and thought patterns”
The study of culture can also be combined with other different subjects to give it more depth and significance. For example, you can study the environmental culture of ex-convicts and criminals so that you can have an insight on their behaviors and attitudes.

If you want to choose a topic on the subject of culture that is distinct and creative, then you can also combine it with fashion. For example you can conduct your research on a topic like “The origins of power dressing”. Here, you will be focusing on culture as well as fashion throughout the ages.

Some topic ideas for literature review on culture are

  1. Gender-emotion stereotyping and nonverbal communication
  2. Preschooler’s peer standing and social skills in relation to nonverbal decoding ability
  3. Life-span development. Emotion in adulthood and old age
  4. Cultural differences in emotion/attention
  5. The influence of culture on cognitive or social processes
  6. The effects of individualism vs. collectivism (independence and interdependence) on cognitive and social processes
  7. Gender and ethnic differences and similarities in psychological adjustment and/or academic achievement from early childhood to adolescence
  8. Organization Culture Change And Its Effect On employee Motivation
  9. Impact of organizational culture on the achievement of strategic advantages of ERP in developing countries
  10. The influence of parental permissions in getting tattoos or piercing for kids under the age of 18
  11. How does American consumer culture deal with the concept of death?
  12. Should ear piercing of toddlers be considered as child abuse?
  13. Trends in operating hours of rave clubs
  14. Effect of media and advertisement culture on dietary trends of teenage female girls
  15. A study on the footwear shopping culture: The love of men and women for shoes

These above 15 articles are broad in nature themselves to write literature review on culture, you can make them more narrow according to the requirement of your professor. Hence, here you have top 15 topics on the subject of culture for your research work. ‘Culture’ is one of the most flexible topics in the research world. You will notice here that in my cases, culture has been combined with other factors to make the research topic more significant and distinct. In the same way, if you are a student of social science with a passion for shopping or fashion, then you can add those elements to make your research topic more interesting.
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