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Literature Review On Alcoholism

How Should I Compose A Literature Review On Alcoholism For My Dissertation?

Alcoholism is one of the most rapidly rising issues in the world.

People from all age groups, classes, and countries are now resorting to alcohol to look for a solution to their problems. This is deteriorating the productivity of the entire country which is making alcoholism and substance abuse a major concern for the government.

This makes it a prominent choice for a research topic and because this theme is a little unconventional, it is also interesting.

So, if you are trying to finalize a theme for your dissertation, then alcoholism can be an appropriate choice.

But before finalizing the topic, make sure that you conduct proper research on the literature review on alcoholism which will provide the entire road map for your investigative study.

Literature Review On Alcoholism

Below mentioned are a few tips for composing the literature review section of your dissertation on alcoholism

  1. Browse through different mediums and gather all the available data on research conducted on alcoholism. Here, you need to make sure that the research you are listing is backed with proper references and authentic sources.
  2. Because alcoholism is a prominent issue, there is a lot of research has been conducted on the issue. For each of the researches that are conducted on alcoholism, make sure you summarize them in less than three sentences.
  3. With each of the research summaries, make sure that you include some personal opinion or comments on each of the researches. This can be a comment on the study or a gap or limitation that you have observed. This will give your literature review a fresh outlook for the reviewers.
  4. Cite each of the studies properly and mention complete references in the Bibliography of the dissertation.
  5. Compose it all in the form of an essay and your literature review will be ready to be served.

Remember, the purpose of a literature review is not to conduct new experiments but to provide a newer outlook on the research that has been conducted previously.

Here are some research examples on alcoholism that can give you a kick start towards your research topics:

  1. Effective treatment for alcoholism: what can influence homeless people
  2. The effect of alcoholism and drugs on work-related injuries
  3. Relationship between nighttime television and alcoholism
  4. The development of medical knowledge related to drugs abuse and alcoholism
  5. The role of rehabilitation centers towards curing alcoholism
  6. Alcoholism patterns in women
  7. Relationship between social classes and alcoholism patterns
  8. Patterns of alcohol and substance abuse instigated car accidents
  9. Peer pressure towards alcohol and drugs in colleges and universities
  10. Relationship between university dropout rate and alcoholism

Always remember that if your literature review on alcoholism is well composed, then your entire research process will be a breeze. Take inspiration from one of the topics mentioned above, search it thoroughly and finalize your dissertation theme effortlessly.

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