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Literature Review Essay

Literature Review Essays – What to Include and How to Present It

Is your literature review essay being rejected repeatedly without any reason? Do you think your content is better than your friends but theirs have been accepted while yours haven’t?Then ask yourself the following question: Is your review properly presented and formatted?

Not really, right?

This is where the trouble lies. If you think that your research work will be judged solely on the content and not the format and presentation, then you are wrong.

In fact the presentation of your review is the first thing that will form an impression of you as a professional and your knowledge regarding the research work.

Which means that you need to pay as much attention to the formatting and presentation as much you do to your research study.

But before we tell how to format your essay, let’s first make sure that you know the correct meaning and purpose of a literature review.

What are literature review essays?

They are discussions of published research studies which are usually organized in a proper sequence. They discuss all the previous studies conducted on the subject so that they can guide you in your current work. Some of the main factors that literature reviews will be to discuss the following:

  • Who conducted the study?
  • Where was the research published? (issue and volume number)
  • What was the hypothesis or the research question?
  • What methodology and design was used?
  • Which econometric technique was used for the analysis?
  • What was the outcome of the study?

Now that you know what a review covers, let’s find out how to format one according to APA literature review style:

  • The title page of the review should have your name, title, class, section and date
  • There should be one inch margin on all sides of the document
  • The entire review should be single spaced or double spaced.
  • The fonts that you use should be Times New Roman in 12 point size
  • Page numbers should be present on the top right corner of every page
  • The format for citation should be
    • Smith (1953) – for one author
    • Smith, Jones and Williams (1983) – for more than one authors
  • For a direct quote, make sure that you include the page number where the quote has been taken from
  • The references should be included in the end of the review. They should be presented in alphabetical form.
  • The general format for references are
    • Author last name, first initial (year). Title. Journal, issues, pages
  • Use a hanging indent for the 2nd line of reference
  • Make sure that the review is printed on an A4 sized paper on only one side of the paper.

Follow the above mentioned guidelines and you will easily be able to present a review that depicts professionalism and proficiency which will never fail to impress your reviewers.

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