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Linux Research Papers

Four Informative Resources for Writing Your Own Linux Research Papers

Linux is a complex operating system but Linux research paper writing is no way difficult. If you know what is Linux all about and know all the resources from where you can get all the information about the term, then writing a Linux research paper should be like the back of your hands.

Searching for information is itself a daunting task because it requires hours and hours of conducting research work. The greatest drawback of this searching is that there are many sites that offer unauthentic information as well. Therefore, to find all the data that is authentic is itself an issue.

For those students who dread the idea of searching material for writing Linux research paper, we have compiled a list of sources that will help them get first-hand information for their paper.

Useful sources to find information on Linux:

  1. Linux Foundation
It is a by-product of the Linux foundation which has a huge treasure of information, that is not only up to date by authentic as well. All you have to do is to visit the site and gather every bit of information about the Linux operating system from it. You will find up to the minute news, questions and answers, articles, community blog, etc., which will obviously be very helpful for you. Moreover, this site also provides an opportunity to learn the complex operating system.

  1. Linux online was started with a view to providing information about the operating system. The founder MichaelMcLagan wanted to make this site a central source of Linux information over the internet. Not only that, but it also provides information about every company, project, and the group that uses the Linux operating system.

  1. Comparison between Linux and Windows:
This is a site where Michael Horowitz has analyzed both the system and provided his analytics for the people who are really interested in the comparison. It will describe to you different features that you can find in Linux that are missing in Windows and vice versa.

  1. Open source versus closed source software:

Science in Africa is dedicated to providing information about the latest technology on which the science and the researcher are working on. The page that I have recommended will tell you the difference between open source and closed source software. In other words, it will provide the basic differences between Linux and windows. You can go through the page to know more about the two different operating systems.

  1. Feature of Linux operating system:

Docstoc is a free file sharing portal where you will find the above-told document that is on the features of the Linux operating system.

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