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Lighthouse Trails Research Project

What Are Some Publications Of Lighthouse Trails Research Project?

Before we discuss the noteworthy work published by these trails research projects, we should discuss what basically this project is all about?

Lighthouse trails research project is fundamentally a publishing house, that has been rendering its services since 2002. The project was launched with an aim to unveil the hazardous mythical paradigms that have been penetrating and changing the minds of our youth. They were of the view that the mantra style meditation deluged with the mystical spirituality is creating issues. This is why; they believed that they have to conduct serious measures which resulted in the establishment of the lighthouse trail research project.

Let us now discuss some interesting work published by this publishing house:

A time of departing:

Ray Yungen effectively put the idea of universal spirituality on the paper. This particular concept has been penetrated a lot into the contemporary church. Another concept that has been talked a lot in the book is the contemplative prayers, which combine and compromise the Gospel messages with the eastern concepts. This book also put forth obscure messages that force our youth to ponder over.

A wonderful deception:

The write Warren Smith has intelligently cultivated a whole theorem, according to which the contemporary Christian leaders are taking a church into a spiritual trap. He has questioned the motives of the new age Christianity and suggested that it is doing nothing except deceiving the followers. The books have been highly acclaimed and awarded as a magnum opus. Not only that, the book has carefully examined the church metaphors, beliefs, and concepts that are predominantly being preached in modern-day teaching.

Castles in the Sand:

Castles in the sand, written by debutant novel writer Carolyn Greene, is a fiction that revolves around the concept of contemplative spirituality. The book has successfully fostered the thought-provoking ideas in the prevalent churches so that they can develop their thinking patterns with a more shrewd approach. The book created a tremendous impact on the churches and provoked them to create a new line of perceptions.

Trapped in Hitler’s hell:

The Writer, Jen Markell yet again came with an interesting concept of contemplative spirituality. This book has tried to awaken the dead concepts of contemplative spirituality which were established in 1930’s Germany. This is how; they want contemporary churches to think about the concepts that were going on in the prevalent situation. The book has especially targeted the younger generation to ponder over the ideas they are following today.

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