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Law Research Paper

How To Format Law Research Paper Using IRAC Method?

Laws are quite discombobulating for the students, whether it’s criminal, traffic, public laws, etc. and so the law research papers. To understand and memorize the never-ending laws is quite intimidating for the students, this is why; teachers often assign the task for writing a research paper on the laws to the students so that they can understand certain laws of their state.

If you are writing a research paper for the first time in your life then not to worry at all as we are here to help you write your paper in a proper format no matter how difficult the law research paper topics are.

Format for law research paper writing:

Problem statement:

At first, you will have to tell the readers about the problems that you will be analyzing in deep in the upcoming paper. Make a list of the problems that you would like to discuss here along with the major issue related to the law.

Research work:

The biggest difference in law and other types of research papers is that here you have to present an in-depth analysis of a particular case study. Select a case study that will help you illustrate your point in the paper and that is relevant to the problems you stated in the first section. You can also work on more than once case study but make sure you remember the standard IRAC which is:


What is the core issue of the case you are discussing in the law research paper? What are the areas in dispute? So, here you will be outlining the main problem of the case you are planning to extract but remember one thing that if you are writing for a bar exam then you must present it in the form of a question.


Obviously there are certain rules and regulations on which the case is judged. Therefore, jot down the criteria on which the final judgment is passed.


To construct powerful arguments is quite difficult here as you have to consider the intricacies of the case as well as the rules to come up with an argument that fits well in the situation. The sources and knowledge will also go hand in hand while dealing with the arguments in the paper.


Law research paper as a whole is a very sensitive issue so you have to be very careful and as you are using real case facts then you will have to include the judicial opinion as well. Furthermore, you cannot alter the final decision that took place even a bit.

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