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69 Best Law Dissertation Topics and Research Ideas

Find some of the Best Law Dissertation Topics in one article

Are You in a Bit of a Quandary Over the Law Dissertation Topics & Law Dissertation Titles?

If that is the problem then your qualitative solution is here, this writing will give some law dissertation topics and titles ideas to help you reflect on the core issues and interests. These ideas will surely give a boost in planning your topics as well as the title for a law dissertation. The following are some of the Law research topics which are provided in this article:

  • Criminal law dissertation
  • Medical law dissertation
  • Environmental law dissertation
  • Family law dissertation
  • Construction law dissertation

These are the most commonly chosen trades in-law dissertations, as they have been worked comprehensively in the past, whereas there are loads of data that can be found both on the internet and in the law designated libraries. Case histories also play an important role to make up the mind for deciding on law research topics to win the competition in law dissertations.

Criminal Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • Critically discuss the homicide reform, the Law Commission’s reports, principles, and proposals.
  • The impact of the “war on terror” on international criminal law.
  • Constructing the crime of rape and the boundaries of consent: the law, reform and developing critical analysis.
  • Complainants in the criminal justice system; investigation and evidence.
  • The problem is created by public order, State interests, and the threat of groups.
  • Critically discuss the Government’s proposals on the amendments to the law on provocation.
  • Assess problems in identifying the nature, extent, and distribution of crime.
  • The notion of Character, capacity, and choice in the context of culpability for criminal laws.
  • Is the defense of reduced liability freely defined under English law?
  • Is the law on rape sufficient to protect legitimate victims, but does it prevent the abuse of the provisions of false “victims”?
  • Is Wemissions’ criminal approach adequate?
  • Are our modern methods of interpreting the intent of English criminal law proportionate to the purpose?
  • Should the 2006 Law Commission report on homicide reform become English law? Is the law on murder in society appropriate for this purpose?
  • Is the law of confession and distortion sufficiently balanced with English law, or should the poison tree fruit principle be maintained?
  • Minimal evidence of behavior should play a role during the testing process; in particular, does such evidence constitute a breach of court proceedings in other jurisdictions?

Medical Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • Analysis and Critical Thinking in Professional Practice according to medical law.
  • Ethical Aspects of Health and Social Care and its Provisions
  • Medical Practitioners and the Law
  • Ethical Dilemmas in Medical Law or Mental Health Law
  • Does the UK need laws that allow organs to be preserved? Argue for and against this problem?
  • The abortion law needs to be amended to provide adequate protection for the father’s rights.
  • Explore the medical controversy surrounding stem cell research, especially in light of research for aesthetic purposes.
  • Is the consent law adequately applied to English medical law? Consensus
  • assessment in relation to qualified adults, the mentally handicapped (sick), and the child:
  • Should the law on organ transplants be changed to an “opt-out” model?
    Should the law on euthanasia and/or assisted suicide change?

Environmental Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • Rise of the environmental movement and strict environmental laws
  • Global warming and the environmental laws
  • Environmental law analysis for a competitive advantage
  • Is there an environmental crisis? How do laws cater to that?
  • Survey of environmental policymakers for their development and implementation in the United Kingdom.
  • Evaluation of the role of international environmental laws in maintaining the use of natural resources in the development of the world economy.
  • A useful study comparing energy laws and environmental laws. In the context of their similarities and differences in the United Kingdom.
  • Investigation of major natural disasters in the United Kingdom. What is the policy framework to address these issues?
  • A useful study on the role of environmental law in reducing carbon emissions in the UK for sustainable living.

Family Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • Detailed theoretical and therapeutic approaches to spouse abuse in accordance with the UK’s current research on domestic violence.
  • Social and legal foundations of marriage, civil partnership, and parenting.
  • Is the “Best Interest” test outdated?
  • Has the Child Support Act improved the position regarding child care? If not, then why is it so?
  • Critically analyze the development of the law on divorce? Is it a reason for the increased divorce rate or does it acts as a trigger? Critically analyze the role of the local authority in child welfare.
  • Discuss the development of married women’s rights in the property.
  • Discuss the role of the various orders (i.e. contact, prohibited steps orders) in relation to the concept that the interest of the child is paramount.
  • Family law – Is it time for reform?

Construction Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • The labor shortages in the UK construction and complicated laws.
  • Construction project management and laws
  • Construction Contracts – Operation and Administration laws
  • Liability and Complexity in Construction Law
  • Dispute resolution- law and practice
  • Construction law and the environment

Employment Law Dissertation Topics or Titles

  • Critically review the discrimination policies according to employment laws
  • Unlawful v/s prejudiced – Which provides the greatest protection?
  • Employment and disabled people
  • Legal aspects of the employee and employer relationship.
  • The legal position of casual and agency workers in the UK and in Europe.
  • Legal issues of the Contract of Employment.
  • TUPE – Does it adequately protect the rights of employees?
  • Do trade unions still have a role to play in English employment law?
  • Has the Employment Tribunal improved the position of employees and employers respectively?
  • Critically analyze the role of indirect discrimination in discrimination law.

Law Dissertation Example on Law Dissertation Titles

The examples of Law dissertations can be used, depending on the area you need to concentrate in. Laws have been encased with great care. You, therefore, have to be systematic in choosing a topic. As the subject is huge, you can establish yourself in any area of your choice. Law dissertations are the ideal platform for you to set up your expertise in a particular field.

Model Titles

  • Whether or not to resuscitate criminals like Ian Huntley when they try to commit suicide – there must be lots of legal questions on that topic, especially for the lawyers on both sides of the question.
  • Look at the increasing use (over-use) of ASBOs and the proposal to allow Police Forces to issue them without the need to go to court.
  • Principles of English commercial contracts, international commercial contracts, and European contract law – a comparative analysis
  • TUPE – Does it adequately protect the rights of employees?

An Illustrated Example to Write a Law Dissertation

  • law dissertation requires a straightforward staging of facts.
  • Information from past cases is compared to the facts gathered for the present exposition.
  • The comparison draws out the differences or similarities of both studies.
  • It is important that the resulting analyses should be explained in a logical sequence.
  • A law paper generally follows the process of legal research.
  • This may require the researcher to figure out what the case is all about.
  • Facts have to be thoroughly examined before any law dissertation question can be framed.
  • It is also important to locate sources for relevant cases, statutes, and regulations in order to carefully dissect the issue.
  • There is a timeframe to be observed when working on a paper; so timelines should be allotted realistically for research, analysis, writing, reviewing, and revising the paper.

Law dissertation topics and examples of some of the titles may face confrontation while selecting suitable legal authorities and appropriate legal terms, whether in print or online. However, one can write thesis papers after carefully checking facts and the accuracy of the disputes to convince the readers or other researchers.

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