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Journalism Dissertation

Comprehension of different types of journalism to write good journalism dissertation

By: Dominic Corey

If you want to have thorough information about INVESTIGATIVE, Sports, Science or People or Celebrity JOURNALISM, nothing to worry about!

The following article is going to give you all the information that you want to know, as well as provide some of the ideas, useful for the journalism dissertation so that you surely get the lead among your class fellows.

1) Sports Journalism:

This area mostly covers athletic competition and events related to sports. Commercially, it is an essential section in of most of the newspapers, magazines, as well as in radio and television news broadcasts, though it is considered as soft news. Below are some of the ideas for writing dissertation on sports journalism, they are:

  • Exploring new ways on covering sports events
  • How to stay neutral when giving your view on sports news?
  • Why sports journalism isn’t considered mainstream journalism?
  • How the Sports Journalism is viewed in Digital Age?
  • Sports journalism is gendered based or not
  • How the sport journalist is viewed in perspective of journalism field?

2) Investigative Journalism:

It mainly deals with the exposing of unethical or illegal behavior or actions by individuals or organizations In this kind of journalism, one digs out for the truth and identify lapses on whatever media available. This type of journalism is very confrontational in nature, hence tact is always required. Some of the ideas for dissertation on investigative journalism can be:

  • Considering the outcomes of investigative journalism. Will it bring good or bad Impact?
  • Is it better to report on every matter or at times, one should let it pass by without making any noise?
  • .How the social media play role in investigative journalism?

Significance of investigative journalism as media watchdog in the context of political reformation These factors can also make a great discussion topic for your investigative journalism dissertation.

3) Science journalism:

Science journalism is basically to report science news and its related topics to the public. In this kind of journalism, the importance of delivering a report like a story is essential; because it engages the readers’ attention. Therefore the best idea for the dissertation that I can give you on this particular subject is to make sure that you include all the scientific details without going too much into detail. Be sure that a layman can grasp what you have written.

4) Celebrity Journalism:

Running after celebrities and digging into their lives is basically celebrity journalism. It has been made famous by all the paparazzi running around these days. Great journalism dissertation ideas can be:

  • Is harassment a right way in dealing with celebrities? Does it comply with media ethics?

As of my opinion, ethics should be followed in journalism, and also one should always tell truth without any biases. It is significant that your journalism dissertations should stick to this principle, because it reflects the true essence of professional journalism.

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