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Are you having serious trouble formulating questions for your qualitative interview research?

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At Dissertation-help.co.uk we will custom design your questionnaire from scratch by following the below steps. Our experience in primary research and knowledge of questionnaire design on hand will help you make the perfect questionnaire.

Step # 1: Define Interview Research Objectives

  • We start the process of qualitative interview research design by understanding what exactly you are planning to study to reach a conclusion.
  • You have to fill a small form with your research details and requirements for us to define clear-cut research objectives before undertaking the project.
  • Once we have your information and requirements we define…
    • A list of issues or objectives,
    • The information you hope to obtain concerning those issues and
    • How you will use the information collected to bring about a preferred result.

Step # 2: Identify and Screen Interviewee(s)

  • We will spot key stakeholder(s) who will be involved
  • Identify what kind of information is required and from whom
  • List down key stakeholders’ groups and then filter individuals within those groups
  • Additional interviewees may be identified as reserves
  • Determine sample if necessary
  • Write the screener survey having questions that will screen the probable interviewee(s) to verify if they are eligible for the group.

Step # 3: Suggestion of The Best Type and Format of The Interview

Our researchers will suggest the best type of qualitative interviewing method according to the type of your research question. Some of the popular types of qualitative interviewing are…

  • Informal, conversation Interview
  • General interview guide approach
  • Standardized, open-ended interview
  • Closed, fixed-response interview

We will also suggest the most suitable interview format based on the kind of technology available to you, the availability of the individual you are interviewing, and how comfortable you feel talking to people. Some of the popular interviewing formats available are…

  • Face-to-Face
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat/Messaging

Step # 4: Writing The Qualitative Interview Questions

  • Our researchers will make a list of what must be known in order to answer each research question
  • Write a question for each item in that list
  • Organize the questions into categories
  • Write either open or closed questions for seeking general and specific information respectively
  • Write yes/no questions, if needed
  • Simple Scales: If needed, we will also include simple rating scales that respondents find easy to understand
  • Remove biased or charged language

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