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Internet Research Papers

The technique of Extracting Internet Research Paper Out Of One Thesis Statement

Internet is something that has taken over the world; it is the most happening thing around since its inception. With every passing day, you will see a new improvement in this technology. Therefore, if you are studying computers then you will be asked to write these internet research papers for sure.

The paper shouldn’t be nerve-racking for you if you have a sound interest in it and it is such a broad concept that covers a wide array of topics. So, you have thousands of choices in front of you when it comes to the topic selection. We are not here to help you with the topic selection but techniques to extract a whole research paper out of one thesis statement.

Let’s say you have given the task for writing internet regulations research papers for your assignment. Keeping this topic in mind, we will first tell you how to generate a thesis statement and then we will extract a whole research paper from it.

How to write the thesis statement?

As per the nature of the topic, you will have to craft a thesis statement that should contain the following key points:

  • Convince on the fact that the internet should be regulated.
  • What are the plausible reasons for regulating the internet?
  • If the internet is not regulated then what could be the possible repercussions?

Now, according to the preceding three key points, one can safely assume that the final face of thesis statement would be something like this:

“Government should stringently regulate the internet so as to make sure that there is no chance of pervasive illegitimate sexual content, illegal piracy or identity theft, over addictive and carked behavior, which can result in hazardous implications for the users especially our younger generation.”

How to extract an internet research paper out of the preceding thesis statement?

Now, we will be categorizing the thesis statement into three components with sub-categories that will be further elaborated in the body of the paper.

First category: Sexual content

The possible sub-categories will be:

    • Smut/ Pornography.
    • Vultures/ Sexual predators.
    • Cyberbullying.

Second Category: Identity theft or piracy issues

The possible sub-categories will be:

  • Malicious coding.
  • Ongoing piracy issues.

Third category: Addiction to the internet

The possible sub-categories will be:

  • Addicting behaviors and their consequences.
  • Misuse of the internet for terroristic activities.

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