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International Relations Dissertation

International Relations Dissertation International relations theory. International relations degree, study.

By: Dominic Corey

International relations are such a vast field I bet you would get dizzy just by choosing your international relations dissertation topic. However to understand what road you’ll take in your topic let us first cover up some basics.

International Relations are a branch of Political Science dealing with interactions between actors (typically states) in the international system. International relation has got enough room for the students to write on different current issues. However, while making a dissertation students get chance to study of different countries or nations. Political science has been contributing a lot to it. Having gathered the information on different issues of the international countries students could suggest the remedy that may bring the revolution in the relationship between two countries. There are many issues like economic crises there may be a restriction on trade between two countries due to international relation, there are some laws which may also create a barrier between two nations and countries, there may be some cultural issues that could be a problem for international relation between two countries, sometimes psychological also creates savior problem between the relationship of two countries and sometimes the history between two countries becomes barrier for further improvement in the international relation. Apart from political science, your international relations dissertation should revolve around such diverse fields as:

  1. Economics
  2. History
  3. Law
  4. Philosophy
  5. Geography
  6. Sociology
  7. Anthropology
  8. Psychology

All these vast topics can be covered in your dissertation.

So what are you supposed to do in your topic?

  1. First of all select a topic which you think YOU are good at. There is no shortage of topics. Your international relations dissertation can revolve around a diverse range of issues including but not limited to:
    1. Globalization,
    2. State sovereignty,
    3. Ecological sustainability
    4. Nuclear proliferation
    5. Nationalism
    6. Economic development
    7. Terrorism
    8. Organized crime
    9. Human security
    10. Foreign interventionism
    11. Human rights.
  2. If you are having a problem with topic selections just pick up the newspaper. It is filled with the latest international relations crisis. The great thing about the topic is that it does not require in-depth research work as most of the facts can be easily accessible.
  3. When you start with your international relations dissertation speak your mind, throw in different international relation theories but remember to keep your feet on the ground. Don’t stay away from the facts.
  4. Another thing you want to keep in mind has not slandered any party, country, religion, etc. Try to be as partial as you can and present both side’s points of view. Then come up with your own.

All it takes is common sense that most of our leaders don’t have to succeed in international relations dissertations. Try using your brain and I guarantee that your international relations dissertation would be approved with flying colors! Click here on the web site to get complete guidance and support.

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