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Humanities Research Papers

Revising and Editing Techniques for Humanities Research Paper for your Dissertation

Before commencing your humanities research paper, you will have to determine which type of paper your professor is asking you to write. Usually, there are two genres of research paper writing.

  1. A paper that provides in-depth analysis and information about a particular subject.
  2. A paper that proves and supports a claim about a particular subject.
When you are sure about the type of research papers writing then you must proceed to the next step that is to decide an interesting topic and gathering all the pertinent information about it. If you don’t know how to write the humanities research papers then you must consult how-to guides for it. When you are done with the writing procedure then you must proofread it thoroughly.

Let’s have a look at the step by step procedure from writing the first draft to the final conclusion.

Writing an initial draft:

You don’t have to worry at all while writing an initial draft because there is much to in it. It is perhaps just the brainstorming session where you are generating different creative ideas on the paper. So, take a pen and paper, write down what comes in your mind.

Leave your paper and get back to it after some days:

Take a mental break from your writing activity, leave your paper and refresh yourself. Come back to it after two or three days. The span of the break depends on the duration you have left for your final submission.

How to revise your initial draft?

Is it according to the standard writing format?

Your teacher must have given you a guide sheet, take it out and see if your humanities research papers are according to the writing format suggested in the guideline or not? Revise and proofread your paper so as to trace out the mistakes. You can also ask someone else to proofread it for you because they can track down the flaws better than you.

Is your paper coherent and logical?

People are more towards logical and rational reasoning. So, check to see is there anything illogical and senseless statement in the paper which you might not have noticed at first.

Does it contain any contradictory statements?

At times, students inadvertently write a contradictory statement to the thesis statement which destroys the overall impression of them in the eyes of their teachers. So, before going any further, check again and again if there is any such statement used in the humanities research paper.

Have you properly documented all the resources?

Although, this is the last stage of writing a research paper but perhaps the most important part of it where all of the resources are credited and acknowledged. There are many ways to provide references in a paper such as; MLA, APA, Harvard, Oxford. You will obviously select the referencing style as per your college or university requirements.

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