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Human Resource Research Proposal

Human Resource Management Research Proposal Topic That Will Impress Your Supervisors Guaranteed!

Human resource management may be one of your favorites but I am sure HRM research proposal is not since it involves intense research from the part of a student which is obviously an arduous task for him. We can make this arduous task easy for you by presenting some of the finest HR research proposal topics.

Human resource management research proposal topics

  1. Functions of human resource management in a corporate environment
  2. Strategic human resource management
  3. Introduction to human resource management
  4. Role of a human resource manager
  5. Human resource management for employees
  6. Diplomacy carried out by a human resource manager
  7. Industrial relations and human resource management
  8. Human resource management for small and medium enterprises
  9. The effect of strategic human resource management practices
  10. History of human resource management
  11. The new techniques for human resource management
  12. Global human resource management
  13. Online human resource management
  14. Public choices affecting human resource management
  15. How to minimize workplace negativity
  16. Dealing with a bad boss
  17. Contemporary issues faced by human resource managers
  18. Labor Laws, Labor Relations and Grievance Handling (For manufacturing units & plants)
  19. SWOT Analysis of HRM in Indian/Global Industry/Sectors
  20. Performance Management System (Performance appraisal at different levels across the org. hierarchy)
  21. Recruitment and Selection
  22. Training and Development
  23. Talent identification and Management
  24. Leadership Development
  25. Management Development

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