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How to Write Research Proposal

How to Write a Research Proposal in 8 Simple Steps?

A research proposal is a kind of an application written prior to the final dissertation. Therefore, there are high chances of proposal rejection. In order to reduce the chances on the rejection of your proposal, you need a high level of proficiency to write a research proposal which makes a good impression to your supervisor and makes you sure for your next step. Hence, we are providing you with a guide to come up with a research proposal that is bound to be accepted by your supervisor.

How to prepare a research proposal?

At times, you are provided with a guide or format to model your research proposal upon while sometimes you are not. In the latter case, students are forced to Google on how I write a research proposal but failed to get the best guide. Why? The most probable reason is the bundle of articles available having different information from each other.

Here is yet again an article on how to write an academic research proposal but with a guarantee as well that you will gain you the approval you are craving for.

A good research proposal has the following elements


A title should be concise yet descriptive having enough information for a reader and catchy. This is the most important thing of a dissertation so make sure it is pricked and interesting.


The abstract is the central idea of the whole research paper or dissertation in no more than 400 words but at the end of the day, it also depends on the length of the paper.


The introduction should start with a sturdy statement of what is being proposed and then the background to the topic. State the importance of the subject with the dependent and independent variables and hypothesis.

Literature review

Mention the literature relevant to the topic of your discussion. Literature is every research that has been conducted prior to your research work. Point out the gap and missing issues in the researches and tell your research work will fill that gap.


The method you are going to apply in your research paper is going to be mentioned in this area. What is the nature of your research work including the kinds of sources of your going to discuss etc.?


Recap the whole thing again encapsulated in a short paragraph.


Provide the time span your research is expected to be completed.

Main points

Highlight the main points of your research proposal here again. This is the last thing in how to do a research proposal guide.

Therefore, get yourself and your research proposal a great approval by following the above-told research proposal writing method.

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