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How to Write and Pass an Essay Exam?

Do you feel nervous when your essay exam is near to be held? Are your teachers very thrifty to give you good grades in your essay test? Have you tried your best in essay writing exam yet you got no result? Whatever the situation you are facing, you should worry no more. Remember exam essays are all about testing your writing skills and creative abilities and depict how well you can interpret a situation, event or personality.

In your essay test, you may be asked to analyze a quotation, assess an event or infer your views over some controversial topics. Once, you have understood the theme of your essay test; then it’s all down to your writing skills and abilities to be successful in your essay writing exam. Here are some free tips that will help you to write a creative essay and let you pass your exam:

In the beginning – What to do?  

  • Reading the Instructions: Be relaxed and stay focused on instructions for your essay before you start writing the essay. If you don’t understand any term of instructions, you can ask your supervisors to clarify you the meaning.
  • Realizing the theme: You should read the theme of your exam essay 3 or 4 times to understand each and every word of your essay. Once you have realized the theme; then you have to decide relevant topics for your essay.
  •  Preparing the Questions: Following the topics for your essay writing test, you should develop questions regarding your essay topics. These questions would come in handy for your essay writing exam.

B. What is next? – Planning

  • Sorting & Deducing: Sort out the questions that you need to answer first and cut down the questions which you think would exaggerate your essay.
  • Statement: Prepare the main idea for each essay topic and write your main themes as statements with the topic question.
  • Eliciting the statements: Support your main themes with at least 1 topic sentence for each.

C. How to write and Pass?

Jotting down your ideas in an organized manner is what essay writing is all about. Here is how you should make your essay worth and pass your exam in good grades:

  • Making the Introduction: The introduction of your essay demand a strong thesis statement, so, you should be very specific to decide your  exam thesis statement to catch reader’s attention. Support your thesis with at least 2 arguments.
  • How to prepare the Body Text: Your body text includes the detail about your essay writing exam topics. You should discuss each topic of your essay in separate paragraphs with a topic question, main theme, topic sentence, evidence or argument briefly.
  • Concluding the essay: Give a brief review in bullets about the theme of your essay writing exam.

In a nutshell, essay writing exam is all about testing your creative and writing skills. If you just follow the preceding guideline for your essay exams; then no one would ever stop you from getting the good grades for your essay and passing the exams.

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