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Discover How To Write An Essay On Airplane With Speed of Airplane With The Help Of Following Free Example!

Essay On Airplane

The effect of airplane in the global civilization


The writer includes the title by drilling down his ideas from airplane to the effect we have because of it in the global civilization!

Have you ever tried to invent something that would change the world? Wilbur and Orville Wright tried to invent a machine that could fly and they were successful! It started when these two little brothers were given a flying toy by their father.

They experimented and made more like them. This was just a beginning to inventing airplanes. When they grew up, they continued to gain more information about flying machines to experiment. The airplane is one of the most important inventions in the world history.



Here the writer tries to solve the following questions:

What is the background of the issue he is going to talk about?


In United States, airplanes have affected North Carolina by saving a lot time in travel. Airplanes are used to get people to special medical care places that far away from their places. Before it used to take long time to travel from North Caroline to other places across the sea, because they had to go by ship.

People can get to faraway places in faster in airplanes than by using wagons, vans, vehicles, trains or ships.

Since people can travel faster, they can travel places they possibly would have never gone without airplanes. People fly to other countries and experience different culture. Before airplanes, immigrants

Since people can travel faster, they can go places that they probably would not have gone without airplanes. People fly to other countries and experience their cultures. Before airplanes, immigrants usually could not go back to their home countries after they moved to countries such as America.

Now we can go almost anywhere that we want and see family members and friends. I flew to California and Kansas to visit my relatives. I probably would not have been able to go if we did not have airplanes.

Airplanes have disadvantages. With airplanes, you can drop bombs on other countries instead of just shooting little guns. Bombs dropped from airplanes kill many more people, and North Carolinians have lost loved ones in wars.

On September 11, 2001, terrorists flew airplanes into the World Trade Center in New York City and into the Pentagon in Washington, D.C. Many people died. Since then, we have higher security in airports, and people are scared. To stop terrorism, we are fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Many people from North Carolina are in our military. Some get killed. These are all bad things related to airplanes.


The writer illustrates how important the airplanes are for the globe by incorporating different ideas in a clear transition.

In his last idea he also discusses the demerits of the airplane!

The Wrights made an important invention that has altered the lives of people not only in North Carolina but in the whole world.

He concludes this essay by restating his introductive idea. It list merging all the ideas to make a thesis statement.

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