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How to Write a Research Methodology

How to Write a Research Methodology in Less Than 30 Minutes

It would not be an exaggeration to call the research methodology the scariest part in the entire research.

But you’re lucky you’ve found us.

We’ll tell you how to write a research methodology easily that will help you compose this part in less than 30 minutes.

After the selection of the topic and formation of the objectives and hypothesis of your research comes the main show stopper of the event; i.e. writing dissertation methodology.

The main purpose of a dissertation is to make a significant research for which discovery; measurement and interpretation are essential steps which mean that the methodology part is the most important part of the dissertation since it gives you the entire summary of the investigative process adopted for the research. Research Methodology is also helpfulfor the reader to understand the whole research easilythat they could interpret and understand the findings.


To write a methodology for research that is effective, make sure that it contains the following components:

  1. Introduction:
    This part of the methodology contains the introduction of the entire dissertation and the research theme. It also consists of the objectives that the research wishes to achieve. Since this is the first part that the reader will read, it is important to make sure that the introduction is concise, appealing and holds the reader’s attention. This is the part which will give the readers a brief preview of the study report ahead.
  2. Main Body:
    This part is a further explanation of the introduction along with a few essential details. Here you will also give a brief view of the previous researches conducted on similar theme and what their outcomes were. You can also add your opinions here to make it more personal and elaborate.
  3. Research Method:
    Here you will mention the method for your collection of the data, the selection of the proper statistical tool that you have selected. You will also justify your sample size and method selected to the readers.
  4. Comparative Discussion:
    This is where you present an interpretation of the outcomes that you have achieved. Here, you will also compare the present results with the previous research so that the viewers can have a diversified view of your results.
  5. Conclusion:
    The conclusion part tries to answer the most basic question of all; whether the problem was resolved or not, were the objectives met and whether the methodology that was selected a good choice for the research?

Here you will also mention any gaps that you have discovered through the investigative process and give suggestions how they can be overcome. This part of the methodology is highly useful and significant for future researches that may be initiated on the same or related theme.
So there you have some of the important components that will help you compile an effective methodology section for your dissertation.

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