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Discover How to revise an essay from a draft to the Masterpiece!

Revise an Essay

Have you finished your essay writing assignment? Congratulations! But your work is not yet done. Writing is all about creativity and creativity always requires to be created over and over again 🙂 So that needs you to revise an essay thoroughly to ensure that your prose–and your subject–are given the time and attention they deserve.  

Acknowledging what to consider while doing revision work will help you enhance your essay efficiently and focus on what really matters. Here follows 6 steps to be taken to revise an essay to proofread essay lessons:

Step – 1

Keep your essay aside for at least 1 or 2 days. It eliminates your close involvement in the essay which is a reason of the absence of objective analysis for the time being. You need to see your work with fresh eyes and mind to obtain best result from essay revision & proofreading.

Step – 2

The foremost step towards revising of an essay is to study your introduction carefully and try to answer the following questions:

  • Does my opening sentence catch the reader’s attention?
  • Does the introduction precisely present what follows in the essay?
  • Is my thesis statement clear, direct and accurate?

Step – 3

The third step towards revising of an essay is to consider the effectiveness of conclusion by asking yourself these questions:

  •  Is my conclusion smooth and logical when it comes to analyzing transition?
  • Does my conclusion just repeat the major points of my essay (a boring prospect) or does it bind those points together to demonstrate a larger idea?

Step – 4

The most important step now towards an essay revision is to look at your body paragraphs sentences to ensure whether it gives the clear idea to the reader what it is actually going to talk about. For the perfect essay revision and essay proofreading.  You need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does the topic sentence look accurate when it comes to introducing you the paragraph that follows?
  • Have I overly used the transition words like “Furthermore” or “However” creating repetitious effect on the essay paper?
  • Have I tried to force irrelevant points in the paragraph by overusing the words like “obviously” or “clearly” to start the sentences?

Step – 5

Now this is the time for substantial essay proofreading. Look at your arguments again through your paper to spot areas where you need more evidence or you may realize you haven’t given enough explanation for a point you’re making.

Revising of an essay is the best time to flesh out all your ideas to ensure completeness and clarity.

Step – 6

The final step towards revising of an essay to proofread essay lesson is to check your grammar and spellings.

Essay revision is the only way to make your writing bright & shine. By following the above steps you can turn an essay draft in to master-piece.

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