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How To Find Them

Education Dissertation Topics– How To Find Them?


Writing an education dissertation can be taxing as it requires you to put in efforts to contribute to the enhancement of the current education system. It is advisable to prepare yourself and make up your mind that you will be doing extensive research and will also be staying in touch with your advisor on a regular basis.

You have to also decide what subject or education dissertation topic you find fascinating. There are different areas and you need to decide what fascinates you the most. For example, group reading, reciprocal teaching, homeschooling, student motivation, international education, portfolio assessment, cognitive learning, mainstreaming, reading disabilities, mental retardation, etc.

If you want to choose teaching as your profession then you can select what suits you the best. For example, Cultural literacy, Invented spelling, Peer learning, Expectancy theory, Bilingual education, Adult education, etc. and then carry out thorough research to collect relevant matter.

There are other areas that you may find interesting as well. For example, gifted and talented education, experiential reading, early childhood education, English as a second language, individualized education program, sociology of education, etc. After you make a decision about what area you find interesting, start looking for an interesting education dissertation topic. Avoid vague and ambiguous information and look for something relevant to the title of your dissertation.


The next step is to start writing your education dissertation. It is always preferable to think of different parts of your dissertation as separate assignments. This way your dissertation won’t seem like a big project to you. Write different parts and then combine them together. However, make sure the information flows smoothly.

When I say get ready to do extensive research, I mean to say that go through books, articles, and journals and collect as much relevant information as possible. Also, get in touch with professors and scientists with experience in your field.


When it comes to finding education dissertation topics, your dissertation adviser plays an extremely important role. He is there to help you, so make sure you acquire his assistance whenever necessary. Follow the tips as I have mentioned here and you will feel confident in writing your education dissertation successfully.

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