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How many words per section on a 15000 word dissertation

When it comes to writing a 15000 word dissertation, the question of how many words per section often arises. It all has to do with how much text you can include within your document. The majority of students find that it is not very difficult to come up with an estimate based upon the student’s own text. However, if you are one of those who has difficulty putting together a solid estimate, here are some handy tips that might help. These should help you in estimating how many words per section you will need to write.

Do not Cross the Word count limit

One thing to keep in mind when estimating how many words per section is to take into account the length of the written document. You do not want to cross the word count limit. If your work is too long, you might run into problems when you submit your final paper. One way to ensure that you don’t cross the word limit is to determine how many pages you will need to read before you estimate how many words per section you will need. To determine this number, divide your total word count by the number of pages in your document.

Estimate by the total word count

Another way to arrive at an estimate for how many words per section is to divide your rough estimate by the total word count. For example, if you have ten thousand words that you need to read and write, you would need to estimate that you will have read and written fourteen hundred words. Divide this by seven hundred and fifty words per section and you will arrive at a rough estimate for how many words per section you will need. Remember that this figure should only be rough. You should always seek a second opinion or rewrite your work.

Most graduate students have a hard time estimating how many words per section they will need. The reason for this is because they allow their word count to build up and add up. Grad Students commonly overestimates the amount of words they will need in a writing section. It is important that you allow your word count to build up slowly throughout the writing process and only upon completion of your assigned paper.

Devide the Sections

Once you know how many words per section you need, you can divide the sections into sections and sub-sections. This will give you a better idea as to how many words per section you will be asked to read and write.

As a result, you can ask yourself, “How long will it take me to read and write all these?” If you are allotted eight hours of reading and writing, you should be able to spend about one hundred sixty minutes on each section. Your goal for each sub-section should be the same: one hundred sixty minutes. In other words, if you have a writing requirement of one page per sub-section, you should assign three pages per sub-section.


How many words per section? As a graduate student in college, you were not only learning the material for your course; you were also preparing for your future career. Your educational background and how much experience you have with writing sets the foundation for your future career. Therefore, you should plan how you will apply what you have learned throughout your academic career. After all, your future depends on how many dissertation word count and words per section you assign to your graduate writing students.

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