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History Research Paper

25 Interesting History Research Paper Topics

History means digging out information from the past which can be quite daunting for the students at times. It is basically an informative research paper with a great deal of research work whether its American history research paper or art history research paper. Students have to not only dig the information but facts and figures as well in order to make their paper more credible.

The topic selection is one of the major things in writing history research papers because students often opt for boring and common history topics that don’t create any worthwhile effect on the readers. This is why; they should take extra care while selecting a topic for a history research paper. Even if they opt for a common topic they should present it in a manner that intrigues a reader to move on reading with the paper. Here are some interesting titles to guide students in writing a history research paper

Interesting history research paper topics

  1. A look into renaissance art architecture.
  2. Arts history.
  3. What are the impacts of history over art?
  4. What is the gunpowder plot?
  5. Early Native Americans
  6. Music in the first half of the twentieth century.
  7. The catastrophic incident of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
  8. Civil right movement and the Harlem Renaissance
  9. Importance of Bolshevik movement
  10. Biggest art theft in history
  11. The origin of art therapy
  12. A war that continued to a hundred years.
  13. The voyage and discoveries of Christopher Columbus
  14. Cuban missile crisis.
  15. Afghanistan and the cold war
  16. A look into African Masks and fetishes.
  17. German aggression and world war II
  18. All about Alexander The Great
  19. Australian aborigines
  20. What are some ancient death rituals?
  21. What were the major causes of the Haitian revolution?
  22. What was the Brussel’s treaty all about?
  23. The declaration of Paris.
  24. The invention of the lightning conductor and Benjamin Franklin.
  25. The assassination of Abraham Lincoln.

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