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Health Research Proposal

Health research proposal making the process of weight loss more effective and non-stressful

“The devil has put a penalty on all the things we enjoy in life. Either we suffer in health or we suffer in soul or we get fat”

Albert Einstein

Health may be the most important thing today since we are going through loads of health issues. Therefore, seeking a health research proposal topic must not be such a headache for you. But as it is said, that with loads of options come loads of confusion.

So, here we are with some interesting health research proposal topics that will help you craft a great health dissertation idea.

Health research proposal ideas:

1- Health, stress, and coping:

Health is not only related to how and what we eat but also how you handle your life as a whole. Therefore, you can suggest a topic about the relationship between stress and health disasters. You can also suggest ways to handle stress in our daily life. Make sure, you are also listing the list of health issues that may occur due to poor stress management.

2- Racial and ethnical disparities in health care:

We are living in the 21st century; still, we have much racial and ethnic discrimination going on. You can work on this particular topic in relation to health care. There are still many places where health treatments are not given to those who are considered racially discriminated etc.

3- Why some are fat and some are not?

As you have observed, there are many people are fat but unhealthy. They don’t eat, keep on dieting but still, they don’t get slim, even losing weight a little may result in an increase in hunger and causing inappropriate eating habits which result in more weight gain than first lost. On the other hand, people who are skinny, have a tendency to eat a lot but nothing happens to their weight proportions. You can work on this tragedy to let people know what’s wrong and where, and why is this pattern regarding weight doesn’t go with the law of proper eating habits and the expected scientific result that is expected from it.

4- Social psychological perspective on mental health:

Depression, cognitive illusions and stress are the factors that could weaken your mental health a lot. Therefore, these social-psychological causes must be elaborated to gain in-depth knowledge about it. Also, you can mold the theme into the self-perception, the world and the future to give a more interesting touch to it.

There is a non-ending list of ideas that you can get but due to the shortage of pages and time, we have listed out the top 4 ideas. Now, write your health research proposal quickly and easily!

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