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Health Research Papers

25 Compelling Topics for Health Research Paper Writing for your Dissertation

Health research papers assignment can be boring for those who are not much interested in writing about it, while interesting for those who have flair for writing. At times, the subject can be a bit boring; therefore, you have to take extra care while deciding on a topic for this assignment.

The topic should be intriguing, provoking and compelling for the reader and for the writer as well because what if you will get bored while writing the paper. The approach of the health research paper should be informative so that you can tell the world what have you find through your research work about the particular health-related problem. There are numerous points given below in reference to topics on health that a student can go for their research paper.

  1. Why do the uses of Insulin resistance in kids lead to various issues that are health-related issues in them?
  2. What are the causes of panic disorder among adolescents and children?
  3. What are the negative impacts of teenage pregnancy, amongst people in a conservative society?
  4. Drug addiction – A grave threat to society.
  5. Different health care systems installed in different countries of the world.
  6. Merits and demerits of the universal health care system.
  7. What are some health benefits of crying?
  8. How do climatic changes affect the mood of the people?
  9. What is the concept of a peacemaker all about?
  10. What are the risks involved in the vaccination process?
  11. Vaccination – Major benefits outlined.
  12. How does a balanced diet save a person from many chronic disorders?
  13. Health risks in HIV patients.
  14. How should we treat HIV patients?
  15. How to prevent the disease of HIV patients?
  16. Smoking – Several health hazards outlined.
  17. Smoking – A source that could be injurious to your health.
  18. How to treat autistic patients?
  19. Obesity and related health concerns.
  20. What are some diseases that obesity can lead to?
  21. Some major causes of increasing depression in the majority of people of our society.
  22. What are the major causes of an increase in the problems related to childhood obesity?
  23. Health benefits for children who participate in sports.
  24. Universal health care reform system in America.
  25. Various symptoms of the weak nervous system.

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