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Harvard Dissertation Format

Harvard Dissertation Format–Guidelines to Earn You a Winning Research Report Dissertation

Whether you agree with the trend or not, a dissertation that is not formatted properly will never be accepted.

This means that if you thought that your only task was to conduct the investigative process and articulate your research, then you have another surprise coming your way.

So how can you format your report into a winning dissertation?

Use the Harvard dissertation format.

The Harvard dissertation format is not quite that different from the APA style as far as the design is concerned. But one major difference between the two is that there isn’t a particular guidelines, that is followed for Harvard style which results in several different versions being followed for the same.

Here are a few basic guidelines that the Harvard style format follows for dissertation and thesis.

  • Outlay Of The Page:
    The standard size of the paper that should be used should be 8.5 inches x 11 inches and there should be a 1 inch margin on all four sides of the page. Also be sure to double space the lines, unless your university or college mentions otherwise.
  • The First Page:
    After the header the first page must consist of this information that is centered horizontally and vertically.

    • Line One: Dissertation Title.
    • Line Two: Author’s Name.
    • Line Three: Name of the university or college.
  • Referencing Of The Data:
    In order to make the research report authentic and significant, it is important to acknowledge all the information sources from where the data was taken. The common sources involve books, journal articles and electronic medium, all of which follow a different format.

For Books:

Author’s or editor’s name (or names), year the book was published, title of the book (mention edition if it is other than first), city the book was published in and the name of the publisher.

For journals:

Author’s name or names, year in which the journal was published, title of the article, title of the journal, page number/s of the article in the journal, volume and issue numbers.

For Electronic Sources:

Date you accessed the source and the electronic addresses or emails.

  • Referencing Tables and Graphs That are Copied:
    While the rest of the format for table and graphs are similar to the APA style; here, the author and the date need to be provided as an in-text.
  • Fonts in Dissertation:
    Usually New Times Roman in size 12 is used for the dissertation but size 10 and 11 for this type is also appropriate.

The complete idea of a proper and universal format is to make sure that all the students follow the same pattern of Harvard Dissertation style, and so that the research work looks formal and professional. Hence, follow the above mentioned guidelines and make sure that your dissertation looks as eloquent and refined as your research process.

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