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Hamlet Research Papers

Recommended Outline for Hamlet Research Paper Writing

Hamlet a classic play written by the literary genius William Shakespeare is often the subject for research paper writing in literature. Therefore, teachers often assign the task to write hamlet research papers to the students on a particular theme. Often times, in spite of interesting ideas, students are not able to come up with a worth reading paper.

There could be many possible reasons for the failure out of which one is the lack of organization and content development. It is not enough to craft unique and enthralling ideas, you have to further work on other aspects of the paper as well. The organization can be the key to culminate the best hamlet research paper and the organized paper is only possible when you first prepare a proper outline.

Here is a sample outline so that you can also improve the quality of your paper:

  1. Writing the introduction:

There are three major components of an introduction

a. Attention grabber:

Attention grabber could be anything that has the ability to grab the attention of the reader; it can be either in the form of a quote or question mark such as your attention grabber for a hamlet research paper could be the quote of Samuel Jackson.

“Revenge is an act of passion; vengeance of justice. Injuries are revenged; crimes are avenged”

b.Thesis statement:
The thesis statement of your paper has to be strong and convincing just like the following examples are.

”In the play, Hamlet, the author has proved that vengeful nature always leads to disastrous ends“

c. Topic sentence:

The topic sentence is a powerful sentence that is created in order to provide a supportive stance to the thesis statement. Therefore, you should create a topic sentence that will further convince the reader of your viewpoint.

Writing the body paragraphs:

Divide the body into several paragraphs where discuss the following subjects separately. Make sure whatever you are discussing in this paragraph are based on the theme of the play and if possible provide a reference to the context as well.

  1. What was the reason that Hamlet wanted revenge?
  2. How did Hamlet craft a plan of revenge?
  3. What was the reason that Hamlet didn’t avenge Claudius even when he got a chance to do it?
  4. How did Hamlet take revenge of his father?
  5. What happened when he successfully took his revenge?

Conclusion writing:

The conclusion is a wrap up of overall hamlet research paper which must consist of a restatement of the thesis statement along with the major points that you discussed so far in the paper. In the end, provide a clincher in order to effectively win up the paper.

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