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Graduate Research Papers

What Is The Difference Between Term Papers And Graduate Research Papers?

There is a significant difference between graduate research papers and term papers. Graduate research papers deals with an in- depth analysis of the subject matter while term papers is a paper on a topic that you have studied over a certain term period.

This following article will examine various differences between term papers and research papers but before that we must know how to writequality graduate research papers. Therefore, here are a few useful tips to let students know a little about graduate research papers.

Effective tips to come up with a research paper on a graduate level

  • Students should discuss the topic with their teachers in the first place in order to clear and solve every problem which might cripple down all the efforts of the students after writing.
  • Students should have an initiative for carrying out research work to conduct research about the topic.
  • It is advisable that students try to broaden the horizon of their creative and imaginative abilities in order to build their cognitive skills and develop refreshing ideas as well.
  • Crafting an outline will improve the overall quality of your work to a great degree. An effective plan of action is also crucial for developing new ideas and using them in an organized manner. Furthermore, it will save a lot of your time as well.

Now, we will discuss some of the prominent differences between term papers and graduate research papers.

Average length

  • Though there is no universal standard but generally a term paper are about 20-30 pages following one chapter.
  • On the other hand, a graduate research paper has an average length of 100-300 pages following 3-5 chapters.


  • By and large term paper topic is provided by the course supervisor or a graduate assistant.
  • For graduate research papers, it is the responsibility of a researcher to select the topic and to submit it to the committee for its review and approval.


  • Research work for a term paper could be a lot easier than the research papers as it only demands data from the secondary sources.
  • While a graduate research paper requires original research work including both secondary and primary sources.


  • As the name indicates, a term paper will only require maximum one semester or term period time.
  • And a research paper for a graduate level might take more than 1 or 2 years to be completed.

The reviewer

  • A term paper is usually reviewed and checked by the course supervisor or graduate assistance.
  • And a graduate research paper will be reviewed by a panel of competent professors.

Final outcome

  • Term papers are written to attain a grade in semester exams.
  • While research paper on a graduate level are written to obtain a degree.

The major differences between term papers and research papers are in front of you. Therefore, you must keep the above told distinctions in mind before you commence writing on anyone of them.

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