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GCSE Biology Coursework

Good Ideas for Writing Biology Coursework

By: Dominic Corey

Students definitely need a bit of help for writing their writing biology coursework as the level of assignment may vary for students depending on their academic level. Therefore, it is obvious that a simple GCSE biology coursework will differ from the advanced level coursework as students have to put more efforts in writing biology coursework for an advanced level. Students often have to conduct an experiment to produce results for their coursework about biology.

There are a number of ideas for students to come up with for their coursework about biology. Here are some ideas in order to provide students a bit of help in their biology coursework writing:

Idea # 1:If you have to provide a coursework for OCR (Oxford Cambridge and RSA Examinations); then, it will be a good idea for you to select an in depth topic for your coursework. One good topic for the OCR coursework regarding the topic of biology can be: “Evolution of the Y Chromosomes”.

Idea # 2:If you have to write your coursework on a specific biological problem; then, you should go for the debatable topic for your coursework. Following will be an ideal topic for you to debate on:

Effects of Genetically Modified Organisms on Humans and the Environment

Idea # 3:If you are assigned a book report as your biology coursework then, you should select a book on biology for your report writing that inspired you the most and review its key elements with readers.Origin of Species by Charles Darwin will be a good book for you to prepare a book report.

Idea # 4:It will also be an interesting idea if you plan to write yourGCSE biology coursework on a particular disease. For e.g. you may write your coursework on breast cancerlung cancer.

Hence, these were a few ideas which will surely guide students in writing their biology coursework effectively.

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