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Free Guidelines for Quality of Dissertation Length

Guidelines for Writing Quality of Dissertation Length to Suit Your Required Dissertation

By: Dominic Corey

How Embarrassing Was It When You Asked Your Friend To Share His Dissertation As A Reference For Your Dissertation And He Remarked You; LAZY COPYCAT, Why Don’t You Do It On Your Own?

Scroll down and discover the guidelines to write your quality and lengthy dissertation on your own without asking for anybody’s dissertation!!!!

  • Do you have to write a dissertation and you are under the impression that it may go beyond 100 pages or may be even 200 pages long?
  • Are the thoughts of even starting to write a 100-200 pages dissertation is horrifying you since you are not sure whether it will ever be completed?
  • Have you started procrastinating, losing moral and time?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then you are in a pretty bad situation but the good news is, there is still hope. This article will not only identify some of myths or misconception attached to the dissertation length but provide tips and ways to overcome anxieties and negative thoughts that creep in because of these fallacies.

The reason for getting demotivated and putt off dissertation writing is not your dissertation, but your own false perception of “writing Long and descriptive ideas in a dissertation is always effective”, and your own research skills.

How To Know Your Dissertation Paper Length or
Word Count In Simple Steps?

  • Firstly you have to consider that the guideline for the length of your dissertation is honestly related to the area of your study. If you are writing your dissertation on psychology than your guidelines would be completely different as compared with a dissertation in Business education. Or the dissertation length of dissertation for PhD or Masters in English will be totally different as compared to field of Economics.
  • Don’t rely on the guess work which causes to put off your dissertation works. You might be intimidated because may you have to write 200 pages while your dissertation only required 80 or 100 pages. Consult with your supervisor or look out for your university guidelines for the length.
  • Writing about something which you find interesting, also helps you to keep engaged and then you will easily produce the exact numbers of words or pages required.

4 Free Secrets To Keep Your Dissertation Length Appropriate With Your Subject. Don’t Demoralize Yourself Trying To Write Excessive Content!!!!

  • DO A THROUGH RESEARCH as it is the most important part of your dissertation. The structure of dissertation is designed in such a manner that it’s eventually ends up with desired numbers of pages and words. What you have to do is to find, what to be included in each chapter of your dissertation.
  • DON’T BLAME YOUR DISSERTATION continuously but have a strong believe that there are enough facts and figures available in your area of study and after a thorough research and working, it could be possible for you to write the required number of pages with comprehensive and concrete results of your topic.
  • CONSULT YOUR ADVISOR for exact number or pages of your dissertation and follow your university and academics outline. Choose a dissertation topic which you find interesting as it will help you in getting motivated.
  • PRODUCE THE WORDS WHICH CAN ADD VALUE to your research and that has the literal relevance to your topic. Down here are some guidelines for how to add contents, without losing the quality of your dissertation. Remember, you must avoid verbosity and don’t just add words to meet the required length. You can’t put more words in just to extend your dissertation, as it may lower your grade. The quality of content is the most important thing and it must be maintained.

Now you have consulted with your supervisor, thoroughly checked your university guidelines, checked here and there about your subject and you have to write few thousand words. Let me tell you a fact that.

You Can Still Get a Lower Grade on Your Dissertation And Could Face Embarrassment In Front Of The Dissertation Committee Because It’s The Quality Of Your Content That Matters Not The Quantity!!!!

Three Valuable Tips To Make Quality-Quantity Tradeoffs In your Dissertation; get A Higher Level Of Appraisal And Agreements Amongst Your Dissertation Panel Standards.

  • Put Examples In Your Arguments
    If you are showing disagreement with someone then try to mention as many examples as you can. Quantities of the examples are always considered worthwhile, and that is a reasonable way to increase words in your Dissertation.
  • Add Cause and Effect Relationships and Pros and Cons
    People like to read and realize the worth of cause and effect Relationships with Arguments and statements, as it provide the proofs for your claims. More over Pros and cons or for and against Statements are the excellent ways to add quality in your dissertation.
  • Ask Your Friend Or Peer Who Don’t Know About Your Topic:
    Sometimes we omit the important information, which we think is not important to us, your friend or other companion can give you a neutral opinion if they do not know purpose of your dissertation topic. It will enable you to know where you make sense and where don’t do.

Final Thoughts:

  • Avoid guess work to decide how long your dissertation should be. Follow your University guidelines and your advisor.
  • Have a firm believe that if you are given specific number of pages, than there must be ample information available for your topic.
  • Know your research skills and avoid blaming your dissertation.
  • Avoid verbosity and maintain the quality of your content throughout your dissertation.
  • Research a bit more for examples, cause and effect relationships, pros and cons, or ask a friend opinion to add quality to your dissertation contents. Feel free to follow the links available on this webpage for the guidelines of writing quality lengthy dissertation .

Thus if you follow the above set path it will ensure that you are on the way to complete your dissertation successfully, don’t be afraid of 200 or 300 pages;

Nothing is impossible in this world in fact the word “IMPOSSIBLE” says; “I M Possible”

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