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Frankenstein Research Papers

Three Useful Examples for Frankenstein Research Paper

Frankenstein, a literary classic written by Merry Shelley is the story of a monster that was invented using the process of galvanism. The beauty of the play is that it is an imaginative story of a relationship between a monster, “Frankenstein” and his creator. The story touches many sides of human emotions, this is why; Frankenstein’s research paper is frequently assigned to the students of literature.

To come up with a research paper on a novel isn’t that hard but to come up with a powerful thesis statement is something that makes them go in circles. What’s so hard in a thesis statement? A thesis statement is a single line idea that defines the whole scenario of the paper. Therefore, at times it becomes difficult for the students to effectively come up with a thesis statement that is convincing, strong and complete.

In order to give you some ideas on how to write a thesis statement that has all the three told qualities, we are providing you three different types of thesis statement examples for different themes of the novel for Frankenstein research papers.

The first example on the theme of humanity (Analytical in nature):

“It was the monster’s tough luck throughout the play which turned him into a deadly monster from a good human being”

Here, you will only discuss the tough events that the monster went through in the play including the hatred he faced from the people around him and the way he was treated by his creator.

The second example on the theme of galvanism (Expository in nature):

“Dr. Frankenstein thirst for knowledge about galvanism leads him to create a monster that proved disastrous in every sense”

You will discuss what galvanism is and why was it so important for him plus that he created such a monster.

Third example on the theme of monster (Argumentative in nature):

“The only reason that the monster killed people around him was that he was invariably hated by them due to his horrible countenance”

The major concept around which your paper will revolve is how he got such a terrible face and all about the people he killed due to the bad treatment.

We have told you three types of thesis statements that are analytical, expository and argumentative in nature, you can decide which type would most fit the topic of your Frankenstein research paper. There are hundreds of other thesis statement ideas as well but the above told are frequently used for research paper writing.

Just like that, there are other themes as well that you can effectively use for your paper but the preceding ones are the most generic ones. Examples were given just to give you a rough idea of how to come up with a thesis statement that sounds completed from every angle.

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