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Football Dissertation


By: Dominic Corey

“What a goal! What a goal! It is Walcott dribbling his way past all three defenders for a superb goal”.

It’s an incredible pleasure one would get, by writing about such wonders about this beautiful game? If only I had an option to write afootball dissertation I’d watch the game every weekend without feeling any pressure of completing my dissertation writing. A football dissertation has turned out to be one of the most popular dissertation subjects for students. Let’s face it. We are mixing pleasure with work.

Dissertations on Football Writing Is not as fun as Playing Football

Writing dissertations on football is not as easy as it sounds. A football dissertation is more than writing reviews about some fancy English or Spanish league games. Most students choose dissertations on the game of football writing because they are under the impression that they would only be writing about the games not about how the football body is actually governed.

Here are the 3 most important points and topics when considering a dissertation on football writing.

1. Always Do Research About The Football Industry Background:

  • Who actually runs the show in the football industry?
  • What bodies form the football industry?
  • How the football industries of different continents vary?

These are some of the few questions you can raise in writing a dissertation on the game of football. The scope of the football industry is very vast. If you pick only one aspect of the football industry like its finance or coverage you will have your hands full with the research. So, always do thorough research about the football industry background before choosing your topic.

2. The Most Popular Football games have inspired most of the Dissertations Topic always include the Phenomenon of the transfer policy:

This is probably one of the most popular topics for any football fan when writing for their football dissertations. Understanding the board room and the manager’s transfer policy might not be difficult or vast but understanding the economics as to how the transfer is financed can give you a good topic for your dissertation. The TV rights, the advertisement revenue, the ticket sales all drill down to the transfer policy of the club. Arsene Wenger of Arsenal does not like to buy big whereas Real Madrid has a knack of spending big on every transfer window. Studying this phenomenon and trends and their reasons is a very important issue to consider for your football-based topics to be discussed in a dissertation.

3. Major Finding INFootball Research And Analysis:

It Is Not Necessary To refer to the Big Club. Also, Consider Lower League Clubs.

The best topic for a football dissertation is by starting your own club, from a lower league and studying its feasibility. Here all your football analysis and research come into play. Structuring the board room, the finances, etc., will help you end up with one stellar football dissertation in the end. Hence shedding light on the problems of lower league clubs can help you with your football.

Final thought:

The following points are just glimpses of what you can write for your football dissertations.

  • Writing a football dissertation is more than just reporting game reviews.
  • It’s a complete package where all your understanding of finances, economy, and human resource management comes into play.

So the next time you think of writing a football dissertation, pause and think what else is there apart from the weekly game of the big teams. I am just an avid football fan who also has a fair amount of dissertation writing experience.

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