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Step # 1: Define Focus Group Research Objectives

  1. We start the process of focus group surveys design by understanding what exactly you are planning to observe to reach a conclusion.
  2. You have to fill a small form with your research details and requirements for us to define clear-cut research objectives before undertaking the project.
  3. Once we have your information and requirements we define…
  • A list of issues or objectives,
  • The information you hope to obtain concerning those issues and
  • How you will use the information collected to bring about a preferred result.

Step # 2: Identifying, Screening and Recruiting Participants

  1. We will determine what subgroups of the population to utilize in the focus group study depending upon the objectives. For example, if the focus group survey objective is to find out the best new ice cream flavor name, then the focus group should have participants who purchase ice cream regularly
  2. Then we will define the focus group participant demographics like what should be their gender, ethnicity, age, income or education. Also decide other standards specific to defining the groups, such as eats DIFFERENT ice cream at least 4 times a month."
  3. Write the screener survey having questions that will screen the probable focus group participants to verify if they are eligible for the group. For example, "How many times a week do you eat ice cream?"
  4. Suggest the best possible means of recruiting participants amongst via phone, email, direct mail or in person

Step # 3: Developing Focus Group Guide or Script

  1. Finally our researchers will develop a focus group discussion guide (more of an outline), including the overall objectives and general topics to discuss, usually in the form of focus group questions (open-ended) to kick-start the conversation.
  2. Our professionals will design the focus group questionnaire such that your desired answers are obtained by the specific focus group in a controlled environment with the idea of interaction so that the respondents can freely discuss the questions with each other and a wide base is provided for the researcher to observe the respondents.
  3. Following are some of the types of focus group questions, our researchers may write according to the nature of your research study
  • Opening question (Ice breaker)
  • Introductory questions
  • Transition questions
  • Key questions
  • Ending questions

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Free eBook on…“How To Choose A Focus Group Facility or Venue”

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It is very important to ensure you choose the right facility for your in-depth interview as this will have an effect on participation levels, the level of discussion and the standard of recording.

This eBook will reveal all the necessary focus group facilities you need to arrange at the site that…

  • Places participants at ease so they feel free to open up,
  • Set the tone for a successful qualitative interview,
  • Makes it easier for them to agree to participate. Furthermore, this eBook will provide…
  • Ideas for alternative focus group facility in case your first choice is not available or too expensive to hire
  • A list of distractions and disruptions you should take care of in advance


FREE eBook on "How to Moderate a Focus Group"

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Moderating a focus group involves more thought and training than it seems on the surface. A focus group moderator is a director, conductor, and juggler. Moderating a focus group discussion is trouble-free and amusing if you plan well.

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  • Focus group moderator check list to conduct a focus group
  • Discover how to bring up key topics of investigation. And how to keep a conversation on course and inside your time limits. Also, learn how to handle mess.
  • Find out how to end a focus group discussion.
  • Learn the fundamentals of unassisted and assisted memory recall.
  • Know the 5 main types of prejudice in qualitative research and curtail it.
  • Discover how to deal with the subconscious mind in a focus group discussion.


“FREE Guide on Taking Focus Group Notes”

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What could be more exasperating than conducting a really fruitful and information-rich focus group survey only to find that your notes are unusable or piece of wordy jargon?

This brief guide will cover some of the following important topics…

  • Creating a form to take notes
  • How to take notes strategically?
  • How to create participant identifiers?
  • Using shorthand effectively to write quickly and remember what you wrote
  • How to distinguish clearly between participants’ comments and your own observation?
  • How to cover wide range of observations other than participants comments?


FREE Guidelines on "Ethical issues to be considered while conducting your focus group"

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These ethical guidelines will be written according to your survey type. Since every survey type has totally different set of ethical issues, we will write absolutely unique and customized ethical guidelines for your survey type

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