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A Guide To Compose A First Draft of an essay That Will Help You Work Out The Base Of Your Essay Writing Task Including

First Draft of an essay

  • What You Are Supposed To Say;
  • How You Will Respond To The Questions;
  • Which Proofs & Examples You Will Use;

Here follows the simplified guide to the essay writing process by following which you can first make a rough essay draft easily:

  • Once you have a suitable topic for your essay writing task, brainstorm and write down all the ideas and examples that you can associate with the topic.
  • Identify a problem or issue related to the topic. (E.g. The impact of electronic media in business world)
  • State your attitude. (Electronic media helps businesses to approach targeted customer traffic more efficiently)
  • Identify three key ideas or points associated with the topic.
    • i) Television advertisement has a largest viewer ship
    • ii) Exploitation of internet for cheap direct/indirect marketing.
    • iii) Easy access to the general customers via electronic bill boards.
  • Come up with an eye-catching and compelling title
  • Your turn to 

    drafting essay draft


    • Paragraph one, the introduction:

      [ __________ ]


    • The last sentence in paragraph one, the thesis statement:

      [ __________ ]

    • Section two:

      [ __________ ]

    • Section three:

      [ __________ ]

    • Section four:

      [ __________ ]

    • Section five:

      [ __________ ]

    • When you have finished, write your title:

      [ __________ ]

      That’s It! 🙂

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