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Final Year Dissertation

Super Seven Important Components That Will Rescue Your Final Year Dissertation

Are you confused what should be included in your final year dissertation and what shouldn’t be?

Are you becoming puzzled the more you search that on the internet?

If we are describing exactly your situation and you want help then you have reached the right place.

Dissertation outlooks are quite different from other assignments. They need to be composed with patience, detail and intelligence and structured carefully they are to be approved.

So, what should be included in the final dissertation project?
Let’s have a look at the seven most important components of a dissertation without which your research report will not be completed:

  1. Title Page
This is the first page of your report that starts setting an impression on the readers and should be designed with proper detail and information. Your first year dissertation title page should consist of the following components:
    • Title of the dissertation
    • Student’s name
    • Department and name of the university
    • Date of submission
  1. Table of contents

It is composed after the completion of the entire dissertation project but placed at the beginning. Usually there are two columns containing the titles, sub-titles and page numbers of the dissertation chapters. Roman numerals are preferred to mention all pages.

  1. Abstract

An abstract is a concise summary of the dissertation and is not composed in more than 300 words. The main purpose of inserting an abstract is to let a reader get the central idea of the whole dissertation in some minutes so that he can decide if he wants to continue reading the dissertation or not.

  1. Introduction

Introduction is a short glimpse of what a reader can be expected in the coming dissertation. It should address three things one by one:

    • Research aims and objectives: identifying the main research issue and question that needs to be solved with the help of research.
    • Stating the hypothesis: Your claim about the possible solution and what are you going to do to solve it.
    • Introduce the whole topic: Now you can freely talk about the topic, its importance and how your study would be beneficial for science.
  1. Literature Review /Methodology

The Literature Review is part is where you discuss how the previous researches have been conducted on a similar theme and what has their outcome been. After the literature review come the methodology of the research report where you will inform regarding the actual investigative process of your research. This is where you will mention your data gathering methods and what statistical software you will use to analyze the data for the findings.

  1. Conclusion

In this part of the research report, you will interpret the findings of your results in an unbiased form. This part of the report must be composed objectively and should not consist of personal opinions.

  1. Appendices

This is the last part of the research report where you will acknowledge all the sources from where you have taken information. This is an important part of your creative dissertation as it ensures that you are not plagiarizing someone else’s report as your own.

So, there you have seven important components that will complete your dissertation report.

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