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Film Dissertation

Advice from a movie critic how to write a great film dissertation,

By: Dominic Corey

Film dissertation is not hard to write. Who wouldn’t love to write about film classics that have captured the imagination of millions! A concept in

writing a film as in the pattern of a dissertation

is not about writing the summary of the movie but it’s going back in time and experiencing that moment in time again. A good old classic has always inspired the critic world to comment on its reviews and point out the scene that got them inspired or thrilled. People have always found the movies as the best entertainment factor in their leisure time and thus always do manage to draw time to watch a good movie with a family or gathering of friends.

Here are important points you should do when you are writing a dissertation based on the reviews of a film.

Write about the history of the movie: When was the movie made? What was the original idea behind the movie? Who made it?

Write about the events when making the movie: What happened during production?

How did the movie fare: Was it a success or a failure? How did the audience receive it?

Finally the most important advice

What message did the movie convey and what were its after-effects on the audience: Movies like James Dean, Gone with the wind, Casablanca, The God Father, Rocky, Shaw shank redemption all were great movies which have left a great impression. They invoked such emotions that left a lasting effect on the minds and souls of a people. And still are watched again and again from time to time as they are marked as trademarks in the Hollywood film industry and worldwide. Old classics have always made a separate place in a specific type or generation of people who are more selective about the choice for going out on a movie night. But a good film dissertation wouldn’t be complete if such classics movies would be left out when we are approaching this part of commercial cinema.

James Dean was a movie that invoked a rebellious attitude in generations to come.

Rocky invoked a never say die attitude. That no matter how tough the odds may be, always fight back.

Besides these, there are many other mind capture movies that are honored as classics, which we still remember in our fond memories.

For more help regarding your film dissertations or if u want any sort of advice on your film dissertation you can contact me on my given contact details any time, and I will be glad to help you out with this incredible experience that you intend to open it.

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