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Film Critical Analysis

6 Important Tricks to Help Compose an Action-Packed Film Critical Analysis

Education has finally started getting interesting. Nowadays, teachers are starting to refer movies that students should watch during the course to enhance their knowledge rather than read long and boring books and journals.

But there is a catch!

The movies that are suggested in the course and not the interesting ‘Terminator’ type movies, but rather the historic drama or slow paced movies that are supposed to have a valuable lesson safely tucked somewhere within its plot.

Your mission, should you choose to accept, is to find that precious lesson and articulate it in the form of an article.

So, if yourfinal film critical analysis is due tomorrow that costs a heavy weight age in this term and you’ve just rented the movie and sat down to watch it with a big bowl of pop corns, then you are in trouble!

And this is the scene where we, in red cape, fly into your lives and save the day!

Just follow the below mentioned tips and ideas and compose your film critical analysis review within ONE HOUR!

  1. Before composing your article, do research on the internet. See what other people have written about the movie and what elements they have found interesting. The idea is not to plagiarize but to make sure that your views are distinct and objective.
  2. If you have time, then watch the movie more than once. Usually a reviewer tends to miss important elements in the scene and the plot when watching it for the first time.
  3. Make the beginning of your article interesting and catchy. Start with a famous dialogue used in the movie or a statement that you find controversial and comment on it. If the reviewer finds your title and beginning interesting then the overall impression is set.
  4. Briefly talk about the core team of the film; the director, producer and the main cast. Give your opinions if the actor has justified the character or not. Have they done justice to the character? How were the characters developed throughout the movie? Even if you think that a certain actor has not done a good job, then give strong and objective opinions for your thoughts.
  5. Talk about the technical elements in the movie; the camera angles, the lighting, the overall tones used in the movie. If you have no knowledge regarding the technicality of movie making, then browse the internet and take a general crash course. This shouldn’t take you more than half an hour once you find the right website that guides you through the small details to look out for.
  6. Conclude with rating the movie and answering this simple question: would you recommend this movie to others or not?

Last, but not the least, the trick to a good film review is to compose the article and then keep it aside for a few hours and then read it again. Do you want to add something that you have missed before? Here’s your chance!

So, this concludes our lesson for the day to compose a good film review analysis.

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