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Example Problem Statement

Example Problem Statement

Ingredients and Sample That Make Ideal Problem Statement Examples for Research

Tired of browsing through the internet searching for problem statement examples?

You may be able to find templates that play the problem statement fill-in-the-blanks game but are they really telling you what makes up an effective need statement that will guarantee victory along with providing samples?

This is where your tiresome search comes to a halt!

A problem statement is the most important part of a research proposal. It tells you what the problem is, why it’s occurring. For whom and how will you conduct the investigation. It is the maker or breaker of the whole deal.

Now you may be able to find a lot of Free templates or examples of a problem statement on the internet, but none of them ever really tell you the main components of a good solid statement or how to put one together like we will guide you to do so.

Main components’ of a Problem Statement:

Below mentioned is probably the easiest way in the world to write an effective and strong statement. Typically, there are three main statements that make it up.

Statement 1: The ideal situation:

This part of the statement tells its readers about the ideal visions or desired concept that should exist. Keep in mind the values that the viewer’s hold close to making it more personal.

Statement 2: The situation that currently exists:

Here, you show what the problem is, and how it is affecting the target audience. You can join this part of the statement with the first one with a word like ‘Because of’ and ‘However’.

Statement 3: The consequences that will be faced if the project is ignored:

Here you will show the importance of your study. Tell the readers what will happen if this issue is not addressed properly and how the targeted audience will be affected.

And the last part is the need for your research:

This is where you justify why you would like to conduct this study and what the desired outcome that you are looking for is? You also inform here the methodology you will be using to conduct the research.

Let’s look at an example to give you a clearer view about the problems occurring in statements

Sample scenario:

The factories in your city are dumping industrial chemicals in the river, which is affecting the growth and hygiene of the eatables. You are presenting a research proposal to the city mayor requesting permission to conduct a proper waste management system study.

The sample given below will you to overcome the issue of a problem statement:

Statement 1:

It is a known fact that the environmental conditions affect the years of the life of a person. For an average person to live to the age of 50, he needs to have clean water, a supply of fresh eatables and a proper disposal system for wastage.

Statement 2:

However, due to the exceedingly ignorant nature of the corporate businesses, the industrial wastage is being dumped in the river, due to which there is a keen shortage of clean water and hygienic eatables that were previously growing on the river banks.

Statement 3:

If the same situation continues, civilians of the city will soon be resorted to frequent hospital visits, contributed by the number of bacteria and other viruses that they are exposed to each day.


I propose to investigate a proper waste management system for industries. The research will be conducted through questionnaires and observations and later opinions from waste management experts will be acquired for ideal processes.

With the help of this problem statement example, I’m sure that you now have a clear idea of how to write a problem statement that is concise, effective and will guarantee success.

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