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Euthanasia Research Papers

Five Simple Steps for Writing Euthanasia Research Papers for your Dissertation Paper

When it comes to a controversial issue in research paper writing then the subject itself becomes interesting as people want to know more about it. The same is the case with Euthanasia research paper; you will have to write in favor of or against the term. Most people might object its idea of approach towards the concept of relieving people from pain, but the methods used to conduct such activities could be highly argued mental for social activists in particular.

It is another name for mercy killing on which different people have a different perception, some find it inhuman and insane while for some it is the best way to get a person out of his miseries. If you want are about to write the paper on the same subject then it is recommended that you focus on sturdy arguments to make it more convincing.

If you still find difficulty in writing a persuasive piece of paper then you can consult the following help which will take you through the step by step process.

First step:

Collecting information

Gathering all the relevant information is the foremost essential for writing such papers, consult medical libraries, articles, journals, etc. to get all the pertinent information possible but first make up your mind whether you want to write in favor of or against Euthanasia. Once you are done with the information collection then you must organize them by making an outline for it.

Second step:

Topic selection

The topic for an argumentative research paper should be so eye-catching that a reader move on reading the rest of the paper. For example; you can craft your topic something like this, “Euthanasia – An individual’s right”. Here, the reader will be intrigued to know can Euthanasia be a person’s right.

Third step:


The thesis statement is the fundamental aspect of an introduction where the whole problem is stated in not more than two sentences. It will be a short paragraph that will introduce the topic in a concise manner. After the thesis statement, you will conjure a topic sentence to further explicate the whole scenario. Make sure the topic sentence is linking up with the rest of the euthanasia research paper. Here is an example of an argumentative thesis statement.

“Euthanasia helps a person get rid of his painful life but no one can deny the fact that it also depreciates human existence”

Fourth step:


The body writing needs hard work, you will be evaluating the thesis statement in a detailed manner. Divide the body into several paragraphs where each of it would be dealing with.

An argument in favor of or against Euthanasia
Facts / Evidences

Fifth step:


Rather than writing long notes, you should provide a short, concise but complete concluding argument that would encapsulate the whole concept of the euthanasia research papers in not more than three lines, an example would be something like this:

“The debate will go on for decades about Euthanasia because it has always been evaluated on the basis of values rather than facts”

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