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Ethnographic Research Methodology

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Here is what we will do for your Qualitative Research Ethnography…

Step # 1: Define Ethnography Research Objectives

  1. We will start by establishing and defining clear, concise, well-defined statement of objectives before you start any fieldwork.
  2. You have to fill a small form with your research details and requirements for us to define clear-cut research objectives before undertaking the project.
  3. Your ethnography objectives will be written considering the ultimate purpose of your study. Each purpose will identify different objectives. And the objectives will aid you focus your fieldwork.

Step # 2: Developing a Guiding Question

  1. A guiding question is the basic inquiry that directs the search for understanding. When writing ethnography one of the very first things needed are guiding questions which set the tone and give a path to the research process.
  2. Guiding questions help the researcher to stay on course while he/she is conducting field observations and not lose the way.
  3. The guiding question may get changed during the research as more is learned.

Step # 3: Sample Identification and Selection

  1. We will assess your research questions to identify the accurate social class, ethnic group or society to be used in your research. We will determine what subgroups of the population to utilize depending upon the study objectives
  2. Then we will define the participant demographics like what should be their gender, ethnicity, age, income or education.
  3. Write a short screener survey having multiple choice and yes or no questions that will screen the probable participants to verify if they are eligible for the group. If necessary, we may include an open ended "descriptive exercise" question
  4. Ethnography screener will stress more on self-expression and keenness to participate in the research without revealing the focus of the research to a potential respondent

Step # 4: Gaining Access Suggestions

  1. We will provide a guideline on how you can gain access to the community. The guidelines may contain…
  • Negotiations guidelines for gaining access to the community
  • Identifying gatekeepers who can help you in establishing a relationship with other people of the community
  • If a gatekeeper is not available who and how to approach

Step # 5: Potential Field Sites Suggestions

  1. Depending on your research objectives you will be provided with suggestions on how and where you should conduct you ethnographic research and where you are expected to collect the best possible results and conclusions.
  2. The suggestion of a suitable field site will be provided while scrutinizing the following factors…
  • Size of the site,
  • The makeup of the site,
  • Location of the site,
  • Basic background and history of the filed site

Step # 6: Designing Open-Ended Questions To Gather Information

  1. Data collection methodology suggestions will be provided for researchers to gather information including…
  • Hanging around
  • Interviewing
  • Focus groups
  • We will give you the questions based on the objectives of your research such that it makes the collection of the desired information swift and easier for you.

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  • Methodical help for taking notes under any circumstances.
  • Tips to take quick notes you can recall later on when writing final Ethnography.
  • Tips on what are some of the important things to note down
  • Things you should refrain from telling your participants


FREE Guidelines on "Ethical issues to be considered while conducting your ethnography"

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Come with us and conduct ethnography to justify your research question with ACCURATE and PLAUSIBLE results.

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